Phuket is no doubt a well-known destination for beautiful beaches and tropical paradise islands. Most of the tourists come to Phuket for this very reason. However, this Thailand biggest island has more than beaches and tropical life to offer.

Nightlife, culture, cuisine, luxurious accommodation and relaxing day at world-class spas, you name it – Phuket has it all. Not to mention amazing spectacular from cultural to an exotic transvestite cabaret show – Phuket can cater all your needs.  Here are our picks on the top 3 shows you shouldn’t miss in Phuket.

#1 Phuket FantaSea Show

Claimed to be the first Thai cultural theme park in the world, Phuket FantaSea has established since 1999. Its name – Phuket FantaSea is a combination of “Fantasy” and “Sea” which means the sea that full of wonder.

Located in Kathu district – around 9 km from Patong Beach, the attraction offers the biggest show on the island. Featuring elephants, trapeze artists, hundreds of crews on a well-adorned astonishing stage, Phuket FantaSea will stun you with an exotic well-crafted storyline.

This cultural theme park also has incredible buffet line to compliment with the show. After the show, guests can also enjoy shopping for Thai souvenirs from 4 regions of Thailand as well as taking photos with jumbo friends and crews.

If you are those who love extravagant and exotic shows as well as a photo opportunity with amazing Thai architectures, you shouldn’t miss this place.

The highlight of Phuket FantaSea is an Amazing Kamala show which is considered to be a signature show here. You can also explore golden Manorah Restaurant where you will find an amazing painting of Himavanta which is as big as 400 metres long.

Phuket FantaSea opens daily except on Thursday from 17.00 – 23.30 hrs. Show duration is approximately 1.15 hours. You should be there 20 minutes before the show starts so you can roam around the place or enjoy buffet dinner.

#2 Phuket Simon Cabaret Show

What is more fascinating than a cabaret show? Of course a transvestite cabaret show. There are many transvestite shows in Thailand, but just some of them are really worth mentioning which Simon Cabaret happens to be one of them.

Simon Cabaret show has been operating for over 2 decades. It is also one of the biggest cabaret show operators on the island.

If you are a big fan of amazement and extravaganza, Simon Cabaret show will not disappoint you. The show has what it takes – from colourful stunning costumes, entertaining acts and the most crucial factor is the beautiful lady boys that you might not be able to tell apart from the lady next to you.

Located just 2.7 km off from Patong Beach, Simon Cabaret Show opens daily and features 3 showtimes: 18.00, 19.45 and 21.30 hrs. Ticket price starts at 500 THB to 800 THB.

#3 Siam Niramit

Originally based in Bangkok, Siam Niramit has expanded its branch to Phuket few years ago. It offers one of the most amazing and biggest cultural shows in Thailand.

Similar to Phuket FantaSea for its function with the pre-show attractions, buffet dinner, main shows and souvenir shops, Siam Niramit offers 3 acts for each show.

All acts are the same as in Bangkok, but the pre-show attractions are a bit different. If you have never been to Siam Niramit Bangkok, these 3 acts are about Thailand. The first act shows Thai local lifestyle in 4

different regions of Thailand, the second act is the belief of life beyond death which will tell you about hell, heaven and Himavanta, while the last act is about major festivals in Thailand.

Apart from the main show, the pre-attractions are also interesting. You can see and learn where and how Thai local people live back in the days at traditional Thai village. Other activities, like feeding and riding elephants, Thai boxing game, outdoor shows of elephant war or other spectaculars, can also be enjoyed before the show.

Located on the by-pass road, Siam Niramit Phuket opens daily, except on Tuesday. The attraction opens at 17.00 hr and the main show starts at 20.30 hr.

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