Phuket is endowed with a golden web of islands strewn within its sprawling and picturesque hilly landscape. The area features strategic viewpoints overlooking an orbed sun in the horizon, unrestricted panoramic view of islands, vistas, the historical Phuket Town and extensive verdant tropical lushness carpeting it. The viewpoints beg climbing as to experience the splendor of beautiful places where you can shoot a photo and delve into. Find below a list of 8 Phuket’s venerable public viewpoints that are characterized by fortuitous panoramas:

Karon Beach Viewpoint

This is one of Kata beaches attraction spots and is a frequently visited viewpoint. At this location, you can glimpse at Karon, Kata Noi, and Kata Yai beaches. It sits on the southern tip of Kata Noi beaches and is off the emerald Andaman Sea. Turning north, your camera can capture the stunning 8 km long vista of the tripartite West Coast beaches. It overlooks gleaming blue sea, immaculate-white surf, Koh Pu Island, white sandy beaches and the flush-green tinges of Phuket’s landscapes.

Kata Noi Viewpoint

This spot allows you to witness copious scenic views of the island. It propels you to a superior bird’s eye elevation angle to unfold an impeccable Kata Noi Beach blue bay. There are bars and restaurants erected on steep hillsides from where you can consume views of the deep green hillside, thrilling blue color on the Andaman Sea and a fascinating sunset. There are many viewpoints allowing a 360-degree observation of the natural beauty between Kata and Nai Harn.

Radar Viewpoint

On the height scale, Radar Hill viewpoint remains at the peak. It towers above Patong while exposing the eastern parts of the island and is conspicuously observable from either east or west Phuket. From here, you can see a quasi-bubble edifice at the apex of the hill that is 529 meters and is occasionally enveloped in the clouds. This presents the second-highest climax all over Phuket. To get there, use the Chao Fa West Road from where you can glance at a collection of spectacular scenes like the Andaman Sea and Patong far away.

Promthep Cape Viewpoint

Promthep Cape is renowned as a photographic site and allows you to watch a luminous sunset in the horizons. This location commands awe-inspiring views on the east and southeastern parts of Phuket and lands yonder. You will be able to see exotic shapes of various islands such as Phi Phi, Koh Racha Noi, Koh Kaew and Koh Racha Yai and the Buddhist monastery. The outlook opens out scenic views of remote Sri Lankan shorelines and the rambling Indian Subcontinent.

Big Buddha Phuket

Phuket Big Buddha is among the island’s honored landmarks. The humongous structure sits on the peak of Nakkerd Hills in the middle of Chalong and Kata Beaches. Forty-five meters in height, it can be viewed miles away. The towering viewpoint provides superb 360-degree observations of the island and its sweeping surrounding topography. Views include vistas, tall buildings in Phuket Town, beaches such as Karon and Kata and the Chalong Bay. It can be approached through a 6 km road near Chalong that peters out at the heart of Phuket. The structure is made of sparkling white Burmese marble that gives sparkles against sun rays.

Windmill Viewpoint

Windmill Viewpoint on Ya Nui Beach is ideal to capture exhilarating views embodying Phuket’s tropical sea waters and has plentiful blue sky. At the top are sight wonders elicited by the overlooking Ya Nui Beach beneath and an islet known as Koh Man. Located near Cape Phromthep, the itinerary zone is known for hosting lofty, slim and white windmills off the coastline.

Panwa Viewpoint

Also named Khao Khad Views Tower, Panwa Viewpoint offers a panoramic outlook of the backgrounds created by Phuket’s islands, beaches, and green-rugged hillsides. Located midway to Cape Panwa, the highest points here allow a 360-degree view. Your eyes will be glued on the Makham Bay, town, and the serene façade of Big Buddha.

Khao Rang Viewpoint

Khao Rang Viewpoint is peerless as a viewpoint in Phuket as it gives onlookers a bird eye view of the whole area. From this point, you can capture collections of islands, Phuket Town, hilly landscapes and the Big Buddha. Rang Hill is easily accessible for the best glimpse of the town which can be caught in the evening when it is illuminated.

Other than these public viewpoints, another best way to enjoy the breathtaking views of Phuket island is through staying in accommodations situated on an elevated location. There are many hotels, apartments, resorts, and especially private villas in Phuket that offer stunning views of the ocean and the island’s natural surroundings.