Phuket is a beautiful holiday destination with over 20 beautiful beaches. The island also has the Phuket Old Town area where it boasts beautiful historic buildings and charming culture. Therefore, when it comes to choosing where to stay on the island, it might be a bit difficult to decide.

For a first timer, it is easy to be deluded that all beaches are the same. The reality is they are not, but there are many similarities among the beaches. To ensure that you will certainly stay in your ideal location, it is paramount that you are clear on what you are looking for. Whether you want to experience the city nightlife or to stay on an isolated beach, there is something for you. Below are some of the areas you can stay in Phuket.

1. Patong Beach

Patong is the ultimate destination for party lovers who are budget conscious. This beach is located on the west coast, and it is most popular for a street known as Bangla Road. The street is densely populated with bars and clubs, making it an ideal nightlife attraction. Patong Beach is home to a broad range of hotels including budget houses, small resorts, and hotels.
Also, there are numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops. Patong Beach is an excellent option for people looking to experience an exciting nightlife and enjoy a great shopping experience in Phuket. The broad range of hotel options is an added advantage for people who are budget conscious. Patong is also famous for surfing sport during low season (May to October) as the wave can be big enough. On the flip side, this would not be an ideal destination if you are looking for a relaxing holiday or learning Thai traditional culture. Traffic is often intense and noisy.

2. Kata Beach

It is one of the most beautiful and vast beaches in Phuket. It offers a broad range of attractions including bars, shops, restaurants, viewpoints, water sports venues, and accommodations.
As such, it makes such an excellent holiday destination for people who like some nightlife that is not too hectic. Hotels here go for a good range of prices, and one can enjoy a variety of activities including surfing, diving, family picnics, nightlife and shopping. Kata Beach is the hottest surfing spot in Phuket as the beach plays host to surfing competition yearly.

3. Karon Beach

Also known as Patong’s little sister, this beach is the third longest on the Island. It neighbors the Patong beach on the northern part. There are many resorts on the premise that have been designed to blend with nature. Karon Beach is an ultimate destination for beach lovers and market shoppers. It is perfect for people who want a balance between ‘too busy’ and ‘too quiet’, alongside some nightlife.

4. Surin Beach

Packed with high-end facilities, Surin Beach is known as Millionaire’s Row due to the presence of 5-star hotels, resorts, and private villa rentals, that often seen welcoming by both Thai and international celebrities. Even though it is a one of the popular beaches on the island, Surin is not a busy resort beach, visitors can still enjoy beautiful crystal clear water and fine white sand.
On Surin Beach, travelers can seek for lavish lifestyle as there are plenty of fancy restaurants and wine bars.

5. Kamala Beach

Kamala beach is long, curved and expansive with a small Muslim community nestled as a backbone of the beach. The atmosphere is relaxed and quiet with a subdued nightlife. Accommodation options in Kamala constitute of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and guesthouses. It is also an excellent surf spot on the Northern part of the beach from May to November. There are some shopping opportunities, however; the beach can be quiet at night.

6. Phuket Town

Hidden in the Phuket limelight, Phuket Town is a charming locale where those who seek to delve into cultural realm cannot miss this spot. The town is culturally rich with diverse historic features and designs and regular local markets.
Whether you are a backpacker, food lover or local culture and history enthusiast, this is a perfect spot for you. Phuket town promises its visitors that every day will be different and full of new experiences. Hotels and food prices are quite affordable. However, traffic can be dense, and there are not many things to do during the nights.

7. Nai Harn Beach

Geographically, the beach is a narrow, hill-lined cove that does not allow a lot of room for development and construction of many hotels. Nai Harn is an excellent harbor with three small beaches, one lagoon and coves. The beach is friendly for swimmers during November to April, however; caution should be practiced during the low season (May to October).There are a few shops and great restaurants. The quiet and peaceful beach is popular with sailors, locals, beach lovers, nature lovers, divers, and snorkelers. Shopping options here are limited as well as fine dining.

8. Bangtao Beach

Bangtao is the second largest beach in Phuket. It is divided into three distinct parts. The southern part is home to budget and mid-range hotels, and a fishing village. The central area houses a group of luxury hotels that are located between lagoons. The northern part is underdeveloped and host to a few five-star hotels. Beach club and top-notch restaurants can also be found on this beach. It is a quiet and tranquil destination best suited for wealthy travelers and families. Restaurants here offer fine dining experiences but, there are few shopping options and limited nightlife entertainment.

9.Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach is the longest beach in Phuket. The 11 km long beach is a deserted stretch of sand fringed with pine, tropical almonds, palm trees and tropical seaside plants. The better part of the beach is owned by Sirinath National Park while the remaining part of the beach has a few resorts and a water park. This is a popular destination for Honeymooners, people who want to get away from it all and luxury travelers. The long beach is excellent for strolling and is conveniently located from the airport.

10. Rawai Beach

Located in the southern part of the Phuket Island, this was the first tourist beach in Phuket. It has kept its local touch evidenced by the sea gypsy villages and long boat tails that are used by the local fishermen. Although there are few shops and nightlife options here, there are incredible beachside restaurants. Accommodation options include hotels and resorts ranging from budget to five-star. This is an ideal destination for people looks for local culture in a relatively active environment. Furthermore, staying on Rawai Beach, allows you to hop from Nai Harn Beach to the Chalong Beach due to its proximity. However, shopping options and nightlife entertainment are limited.

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