Not all travelers are familiar with a luxury villa concept. As one might know that an exclusive private villa is considered as a niche market where the majority of people still find it bewildering and lead to misunderstandings in this accommodation. Here are 5 myths about renting a villa that most people get wrong.

1. It is more expensive than booking a luxury hotel room

Most of the vacationers believe that a luxury estate that rent out as a whole unit (some can rent out some bedrooms), will definitely be more expensive than booking a luxury hotel room – this is not necessarily true.
Private villas in Phuket for rent will have a starting price of around USD790, which almost the same rate as booking a room at luxury hotels or resorts that can only accommodate up to two people. On the contrary, a private villa with 5 bedrooms can cater more guests – up to 10 people. Therefore, this argument proves to be wrong.

2. Breakfast is not included

Even a villa is not a hotel with a full range of services, it does not mean that it will always charge an extra fee for breakfast. Some or very likely that most of the luxury villas provide complimentary breakfast. Usually, it will be a continental one with toasts, butter, coffee and juice. However, some of them can really wow guests by setting up a complete set of breakfast as requested, that has no extra charge.

3. All extra services are excluded from the rate

A lavish holiday home can have many services provided for guests convenience, and it is not necessary that all of them will require an extra charge. Many villas offer additional services such as a roundtrip limousine pickup service, breakfast, concierge, babysitting or even an unlimited laundry services for free. Some of the places grant more freebies than hotels and resorts. However, this largely depends on each villa.

4. Tipping is not necessary

Although it is not clear for the rule of tipping staff at the villa, it is not true that guests staying at the villa do not have to tip the staff. In fact, the staff at the villa normally work more than the staff at the hotel or the resort due to their irregular working hour. In the hotel or resort business, there are many people on the team which they will have a different working shift to handle the workload. Unlike the villa operation that has a small team ranging from two to ten people taking care of the whole property. This means during guests’ stay, they will not have a day off, until the check-out date. So to speak, villa staff also deserves a tip to thank for hard work just like any other people in the service industry.

5. All Staff will be available at the premises 24 hours

This may or may not be true depending on the villa. But again there are also many villas that have a villa manager staying on the premises 24/7 to make sure that everything is working just fine. Other staff will station at the villa around 12 hr/day, depending on guests’ routine and activities.

6. There are not many activities to do at the villa

This is so wrong in many ways. First of all, a luxury villa is packed with high-end facilities which provide excellent venues for all kind of activities – from watching a film in a cinema room, swimming in an infinity pool to a relaxing in a private spa room or a sauna room. For those who love sports, kayaking and paddle boarding are normally available for free at the villa. The list of exciting activities at this private paradise is never-ending. Also, check out the many wow factors you can find in a private villa, and you will understand what we talk about.