Updated 08 July 2020

In Phuket, luxury villas are a favored choice of accommodation for groups and families. And with such a tropical island setting, there is arguably no other element that delights vacationers more convincingly than glorious infinity pools. Though they vary in size, layout, and in-pool amenities, these glistening water features are always designed to face the picturesque vistas of the region, ready to steal the hearts of guests stepping into its premises.

Gathering the most favored choices from our collection, here are our top 10 most incredible infinity pool villas in Phuket to inspire you for your next trip:

Villa Paradiso

A definite favorite among guests, the infinity pool of Villa Paradiso offers an uninterrupted panoramic view of the Indian Ocean and Naithon Beach. The property affords such a spectacle thanks to its impressive location, built on an elevated hillside right on Phuket’s western coast. Its architecture is also a key, placing the pool to cover almost the entire oceanfront face of the villa.

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Villa Leelawadee

If we were to choose the most unique of all infinity swimming pools on our list, it is most likely to be claimed by Villa Leelawadee’s. The 27-meter long pool cuts through the center of the property with one end seemingly suspended like a ship’s bow. From there you can gaze upon the quiet northeastern coast of the island. At the other end, the pool slightly widens into a 4.7 meter-deep plunge pool where daring guests dive into from the villa’s upper floor above – certainly an experience to remember during your stay.

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Villa Mayavee

Built on a seafront clifftop on Phuket’s westernmost tip, Villa Mayavee gazes out high above the waters of the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean beyond. The architecture of this one-of-a-kind property comes with several different water features, but one of its most impressive is an infinity lap pool right outside the doors of its master suite.

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Villa Padma

The 4-bedroom Villa Padma is among the most well-beloved in our collection and among the reasons why is its 25-meter infinity pool. Maintained by state-of-the-art silver and copper ionizers, it is as clean and pure as drinking water. The pool even comes with a shallow area with in-water beds. Found in the exclusive Yamu peninsula estate, the villa the peaceful East Coast, an area that still possesses the idyllic island village charm of Phuket.

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Villa Amarapura

Our list of the best villa infinity pools cannot be without that of what is regarded by many as the most famous luxury villa in Phuket, the star-studded Villa Amarapura. Though the property comes with a myriad of lavish facilities, including a fully equipped gym, a basketball court, and a golf green, the villa’s pool is still a highlight of the villa. Overlooking the bay waters, it is built with a poolside Jacuzzi and is just a few steps away from the beach.

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Villa Alchemy

Our next infinity pool belongs to a property that is as massive as it is elegant. One of Phuket’s largest, the 10-bedroom Villa Alchemy features a pool that is equally grand. The crystal-blue expanse stretches 32 meters long and comes with a spacious shallow area for kids and in-pool whirlpool on one side. A second infinity pool with salt water is also found on the upper level. Built on an elevated beachfront land, the villa takes in a view of Phang Nga Bay’s turquoise waters.

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Villa Ocean’s 11

This five-star rated villa rental is located on the east coast of Phuket. Known for its upscale appeal and ambiance, Villa Ocean’s 11 also boasts on its glamorous infinity pool with a minimalistic design and flawless Thai artwork. The pool is located right outside the villa’s bar area and offers a view of Phang Nga Bay and the Andaman Sea.

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Villa Sawarin

Cascading down a seafront hillside, the palatial Villa Sawarin flows from the top going down on four different levels. And on its top-most level, its infinity pool spreads across a capacious terrace. The area comes as a unique landscape design encompassing a lounge area in the middle of a reflection pond and underwater glass floors that allow sunlight to the floors below. And out beyond, Phang Nga Bay glimmers under Phuket’s glorious skies.

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Villa Vikasa

The blue atoll infinity pool of Villa Vikasa gleams vibrantly amidst the surrounding verdant greenery. This 5-bedroom property is nestled in a lush beachfront land in Phuket’s Yamu Cape. Its infinity pool looks out into a vast garden lawn that stretches all the way to the seaside. In-pool beds invite guests to relax in the water while sun loungers lie gracefully along the poolside.

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Villa Amanzi

Bringing us back to the dramatic west coast of the island, Villa Amanzi concludes our list with its signature ‘floating’ infinity pool. This ultra-modern property sits on an oceanfront hillside alongside colossal boulders and tropical woodlands. The pool is built with one end suspended in mid-air with water overflowing on three sides and providing a view of the Indian Ocean as far the eye can see.

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