Phuket has a little secret that it keeps during the day. But at night, it exposes the secret across 400 meters of road. At the epicenter of Patong Beach is where the party is when the sun sets. Everyone who has a mind to set loose for the night congregates in this place and gets lost in the maze of countless bars and clubs.

Neon lights blaze and the music blasts from every nightclub as these clubs lure customers from the road. Bangla Road is the name of this infamous night spot that is revving with all things forbidden. Explore Phuket’s entertainment district as you read on.

What to Expect

This entertainment spot is one which you go to with an open mind. If you are out to have some fun, you will have to leave your inhibitions at home. The road is divided up into side streets called Sois, that are packed with drinking and dancing spots. Some of these side roads have canopies so you can even party from outside.

These clubs have open fronts, and you can never tell the difference between one club and another when on the street. Their music meshes when you are outside, and it can be an uproar if you are not out for the noisy night. You should expect to find touts along the street trying to get you into their various establishments.

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The Atmosphere

Bangla Road’s atmosphere is electric. There is so much going on at once. You may not be able to contain your excitement as the vibe is intoxicating. You are quickly swallowed into the party rhythm as you move from one club to another. You also have your fair share of restaurants and shops that you can take a breath in.

Famous Bangla Road Spots

There are numerous bars and clubs on this road’s sois. In fact, they are grouped in Sois where you find a group of clubs being run by one Soi establishment.
Soi Sea Dragon is one such famous street that is the best looking on the road after being remodeled. It is the go-to place for go-go bars and has the spots like Suzy Wong, Harem A Go Go, and The Devil’s Playground.

Soi Freedom is famous as it is well run, playing music from one source instead of having different DJs in every bar. That makes it more peaceful to be in.
Soi Tiger stands out for being a different street. With about 24 bars brimming with action, it can get hot in there. There is quite a number of girl bars with one of the most popular being Sharky’s Bar. It is known for having all the girls there dressed up like schoolgirls.

Reasons to Be at Bangla

Bangla Road is the go-to entertainment spot when you are in Phuket. It has the trendiest spots with the right crowd that is just out to have fun for the night. Missing this is not an option if you want to have fun.
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