Think luxury, think tropical climes, and your own glamorous vacation villa complete with an infinity pool and divine views. Private and unique, high-end villa vacation rentals are the ultimate must-stay. If you’re seeking blissful relaxation in your own beautiful surroundings, with incredible facilities, then a holiday villa is the perfect escape. Here, you can embrace the freedom of creating your own villa vacation lifestyle, especially when compared with a hotel stay.

There are a lot of choices too with islands such as Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand as well as Bali in Indonesia, home to some of the world’s most luxurious villas. The best-of-the-best are nestled in the most glorious settings, with stunning architecture and impressive design and décor.

Whether you’re new to the fabulous world of luxury villa stays or are simply weighing up whether to choose a villa vacation or not, there are several factors to consider. A major advantage of staying in a private residence alone, as opposed to a hotel with lots of other people, is the privacy it affords. There are also many things you can do in a villa that you cannot do in a hotel, and if you’re wondering what these things might be then here are seven to think about:

1. Create your own holiday experience

Luxury in 2019 and beyond is defined not simply by gourmet food, amazing architecture, and high-quality facilities. Today, luxury vacations are all about experiential travel. Whether you want an action-packed holiday, to lounge by the pool and recharge your batteries, or indulge in spa treats, a villa holiday lets you do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

There are none of the constraints of a hotel stay where mealtimes may be set, activities scheduled, and peak times at the pool. Instead, you can enjoy greater choice and the wonderful feeling of being able to do as you please more easily. This lets you create your own villa vacation lifestyle that fits exactly with your preferences and anyone else traveling with you. If you’re holidaying with a family, this greater flexibility is worth a lot.

2. Do what you want courtesy of your own private butler

If your idea of a perfect getaway is to get up and go and then do zip, then having your own staff is absolutely marvelous. Equally, if you plan on a high-energy vacation discovering new activities and exploring the delights of lovely destinations, you may need local help. Luxury villas come with an unobtrusive, yet ever-ready-to-be-on-hand butler, with a private concierge service.
Whilst you should be looked after by helpful staff at any 5-star hotel, there are roster and staff changes. It is not the same as having someone solely dedicated to your comfort, travel experience, and intuition to your needs. From booking a private yoga class to ensuring drinks and meals are served at a certain time, your butler is all about making your holiday experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

3. Look out at paradise from your own infinity pool

It’s true that many luxury hotels boast a main pool and a kids’ pool, but regardless, there is no getting away from other people every time you take a dip, not to mention having to secure a sun lounger. You may want to cool off without prying eyes, enjoy a sweet, romantic moment paddling in the pool with a loved one or embrace a feeling of inner peace with a few laps looking out to a breathtaking view.

The view from the infinity pool of Villa Sangkachai in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Lounging poolside without the disturbance of strangers is nothing short of magical. There is something restorative about being immersed in water and not having to share that moment with anyone else. Look out to the blue ocean from a cliffside villa, across sparkling white sands from a beachfront stay, or out into a verdant rainforest landscape in a rural idyll.
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4. Relax in your own space

Have you ever taken yourself off within some hotel grounds to find a quiet spot alone only to find someone else is also doing the same? Or perhaps your peace has been disturbed by the intrusion of other holidaymakers? Just like your home, your holiday abode should be a retreat where you can find a sense of tranquility. In today’s frenetic, tech-fueled world being able to anchor yourself in space and time with the sublime sound of silence is nothing short of priceless.

Luxury villas often boast lawns and plenty of greenery, whilst some are designed to create hideaway places indoors and out where you can truly relax, uninterrupted. Meditating on your own thoughts, reading a book, listening to a podcast, doodling, daydreaming or simply being in the here and now inspires a feeling of deep inner relaxation.

5. Savor customized menus and private dining

There may be a smorgasbord of buffet or a la carte delights at a hotel, but what you cannot do is create your own personalized menu. Many luxury vacation villas come with access to a personal chef so you can create holiday dining to suit your own tastes, literally.

If you have a food intolerance or allergy or follow a certain diet such as plant-based, paleo, or low-sugar, control over holiday dining is essential. You can also more easily balance dishes to fit with a wellness break if you want to get fit and healthy during your stay. On the other end of the scale, you can indulge by feasting on gourmet delicacies or a certain type of cuisine without having to go to a restaurant. Meanwhile, dining experiences don’t come as intimate as your villa’s own al fresco table for two overlooking the infinity pool.

6. Connect more easily with travel companions

Without other holidaymakers buzzing around at all times, a villa stay really focuses your attention on your whomever you’re traveling with. Add to this lots of engaging areas such as games rooms, a gym, outdoor relaxation zones, and lounge seating, and a villa affords that ideal combination of space and convivial social spaces that bring people together. The result? A holiday stay that feels like home so you relax and bond with loved ones in an organic way.

From nearly weds to newlyweds or those celebrating an anniversary to those on a make-or-break trip, a luxurious villa brings couples together in a private space where they can express their feelings more fully. For families, the variety of facilities and homely atmosphere means that individuals of all ages can enjoy feeling connected without being too stifled.

7. Watch a movie in your own private cinema!

Last, but by no means least, you can’t argue with the sheer joy of chilling out with popcorn and a movie in an exclusive cinema for your eyes only. Relaxing in front of the big screen is a great way to escape the midday sun with a matinee. During any break away there are inevitably going to be evenings when you don’t feel like doing much, perhaps after a day of excursions and activities.

Instead of having to mix with other guests or retreat to your room, you can lie back, turn down the lights, and enjoy a night of filmic entertainment. This is a great facility to have if you’re travelling with young kids who can’t spend too long under the rays, as well as keeping teens happy too. Even villas without a cinema often have a big-screen TV room.

. . . . . . .

It is not always what you can do in a villa that you may be limited to do during a hotel stay either. Instead, it is the things that you actually do that count, meaning how a luxury vacation villa experience can inspire you in so many ways.

You may tap into your adventurous side, connect with your romantic feelings or inner-self, or it could be that you enjoy an activity you’ve never tried before. What you will undoubtedly do is create memories that will stay with you and impact your life long after your holiday ends.