Nestled into the towering mountains of Northern Japan and on the breathtaking Hokkaido Island rests a hidden gem in the town of Niseko. With world-renown snowfall and famed slopes for winter sports, there is no secret as to why Niseko’s ski resorts are revered with international acclaim. However, the real discovery lies in the little-known magical summer season.

As seasons change in Niseko, the snow melts and people begin to depart, leaving behind consistently warm temperatures, clear skies, and a lush green landscape itching to be explored. Indeed, many savvy native Japanese fly north in the summer to avoid the rainy season and delight in everything from golfing and cycling to simply unwinding in comfort.

When not relaxing in a luxury chalet and enjoying exquisite dining, there are a unique variety of opportunities in Niseko for everyone’s enjoyment. Follow along and uncover the best summer activities Niseko has to offer.

Summer Sports

The pleasing warm climate, beautiful scenery, and a variety of landscapes create a thriving environment for summer sports of all types. In particular, the golf community has exploded in Niseko, establishing world-class golf courses that offer carefully maintained grounds and picturesque views of Mount Yotei. With multiple 18 hole courses designed by legendary golfers like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, visitors are sure to enjoy both a challenging and rewarding experience on the greens.

A classic father-and-son activity, fishing is a summer adventure enjoyed in Niseko. Image:

Furthermore, cycling has become an increasingly popular activity, as the winding mountains and country roads create wonderful routes for cyclists to cruise. In fact, it is not uncommon to see more cyclists than cars on the road! In addition to cycling, the sport of downhill mountain biking has boomed recently, providing riders with exciting mountain trails through wondrous natural forests.
Whether for sport or hobby, Niseko is also home to a plethora of bountiful rivers and watering holes for all fishing activities which often require no additional license. As you can see, the climate and terrain of Niseko have created a place where visitors can fill their heart’s desire with summer sports.

Water Activities

Runoff from the incredible amount of snowfall leads to a variety of lakes and rivers, which play host to all kinds of water activities. The fresh snowmelt and commitment to keeping Niseko environmentally friendly allows this region to enjoy some of the cleanest and most refreshing waters in the world. Rafting through the 126-kilometer Shiribetsu River dominates the water sports scene, providing visitors with a thrilling ride through the winding hillsides of Niseko.

River rafting in Niseko is considered the summer counterpart of winter skiing. Image:

While there are options for more relaxing rafting rides, Niseko is often considered the top white-water rafting destination in all of Asia. Moreover, surfing and kayaking are also prominent and highly regarded activities. The tranquility and natural scenic charm of Hokkaido Island create an amazing backdrop for catching waves and exploring caves.

If you feel particularly adventurous, expert guides can lead you on canyoneering adventures to explore deep into the mountains and rivers of Niseko. The combination of pristine water and tremendous water activity opportunities make Niseko a coveted destination to spend summer.

Outdoor Attractions and Cultural Adventures

The popular cultural adventures and local entertainment are key components of Niseko’s summertime magic. One of the most culturally rich and delightful experiences in Niseko is relaxing in the nearby onsen baths or natural hot springs. Due to the large volcanic activity in Japan, these naturally occurring onsens have sprouted up across the country and hold a significant part of Japanese culture. This Japanese bathing ritual allows you to simultaneous ease your sore muscles and embrace a fascinating culture.

Whichever season it is, an onsen bath is a must-try in Niseko. Image:

Furthermore, Niseko offers a large assortment of local attractions from mountain zip lines and hot air balloon rides to kid-friendly adventure parks and exhilarating helicopter experiences. Hiking in the natural paradise of Niseko is, as expected, a popular and memorable experience. Leaving the roar of city noise and venturing on one of the many local trails provides many a much-needed breath of fresh mountain air.

Summer in Niseko

The temperate climate and geographical wonders of Niseko make the town a unique and unforgettable location to spend part of your summer. Whether simply traveling to relax, or looking to dive into thrilling adventures, Niseko provides a balanced abundance of activities for you and your family. This action-packed outdoor environment is complemented perfectly with lavish retreats and fine dining. So, feel free to select as many activities as you desire and begin planning your amazing summer getaway in Niseko!

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