The allure of Phuket extends beyond its world-class resorts and private villa accommodations, multi-starred dining experiences, and exotic attractions. There is more to be seen and found as you traverse its glistening cerulean waters with its stunning land and seascape in pure view. Blessed with one of the most breathtaking coastal landscapes and home to several marinas, Phuket boasts some of the best yachting experiences in the world that suits your taste and specific needs.

Choosing your yacht

Numerous yachts berthed at Phuket Royal Marina. Photo: Royal Phuket Marina

Finding the best yacht that fits your preferences best is quite an exciting task to undertake, for there is a myriad of offerings readily available for its guests. These recreational watercraft for charter are quite impressive for their size and capacity and often boast some of the highest quality materials, combined with precise craftsmanship and masterful engineering.

They often range from a small yet capable 23-footer to a roomy 76-foot superyacht with options varying from single-deck to gargantuan multi-tiered yachts to accommodate a maximum amount of passengers. Single-deck or standard yachts are more than enough for a small group of friends or family on an exciting afternoon voyage to the seas, while a larger luxury craft can host a large party of up to 50 people for a day cruise.

Lavish amenities and facilities

A yacht sundeck with a jacuzzi and lounge area. Photo: Asia Yacht Agency

While significantly smaller in size than a cruise ship, luxury yachts take pride in providing exclusive and top-notch amenities. Most of these water vessels can be dubbed as “floating villas on water,” due to lavish facilities and bespoke experiences that guests can truly enjoy while onboard. Guests can rent yachts with mini kitchens, state-of-the-art home theater systems, flatscreen televisions, Jacuzzis, and barbecue facilities.

A superyacht featuring spacious interiors and classy furnishing. Photo: Asia Yacht Agency

Larger yachts have spacious decks where guests can enjoy Phuket’s astonishing vista and sparkling open waters. Upper-tier decks also offer posh and roomy lounge areas with plush seating—the perfect place to soak up the spectacular view of the nearby islands and gaze at the dreamy sunset.

Some bigger yachts also feature luxurious suites and cabins with ensuite bathrooms for overnight accommodations.

Delectable onboard dining

A sunset dining setting on a yacht deck. Photo: Andaman Group

To top off a swanky day spent in the open waters inside your yacht of choice, gourmet meals are readily available to suit even the most discerning palates. Bigger yachts have chefs and staff members on board to prepare decadent dishes worthy of any Michelin-starred dining establishments.

Diverse menus showcase different cuisine from western to oriental flare with options for children and vegetarian dishes as well. You can indulge in fresh-tasting grilled seafood, flavorful regional Thai cuisine, or charcuterie boards, depending on your mood. After a hearty full course meal, charter trips provide aperitifs of your choice with a complimentary morning & afternoon tea, included in some set menus.

Phuket yachting itinerary and other fabulous destinations

An aerial photo of Maya Bay, part of the Phi Phi Islands. Photo: Royal Phuket Marina

Phuket is teeming with natural beauty and has endless opportunities for you as you plan to embark on your marine adventure. North of Phuket is the glorious Phang Nga Bay with over forty towering limestone islands as well as caverns and hidden lagoons.

Home to the limestone karsts, one of its iconic features, Phang Nga also takes pride in its James Bond Island, earning its moniker to the movie shot on location with the signature rocky pinnacle easily recognizable on screen. Go south of Phuket, and you’ll discover the enchanting islands of Phi Phi, Racha, and Krabi, to name a few.

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Itineraries start as early as 8:00 AM and end at 5:00 PM with numerous stops highlighting Phuket’s surreal beauty. A sunset cruise, on the other hand, is perfect for those yearning for a romantic escape.

Exciting water activities and more

A mega yacht with an array of available watertoys such as jetskis, kayaks and towables. Photo: Asia Yacht Agency

There is more to just sailing the open waters and enjoying the delightful sceneries that Phuket has to offer. Guests can go snorkeling and swimming to appreciate its emerald-green waters.

Some itineraries allow guests to explore tourist spots, such as Koh Hong and its beautiful cave. You may also leisurely navigate your way around the islands on kayaks and paddleboards. For extreme junkies, wakeboards and jet skis are available on some yachts. Alternatively, fishing is also another activity to try to test your aptitude in this fun and challenging sport.

Luxury yachts are the perfect venue to celebrate all your milestones. Weddings, corporate parties, bachelor parties, birthdays, and anniversaries become truly an unforgettable affair for everyone.

Charter Inclusions and Services

Renting a yacht usually includes full service: onboard staff, use of all amenities, boating and snorkeling equipment, refreshments and snacks, and as well as transfers from your accommodation to the yacht marina or pier where the vessel will depart. Most charters also include national park fees and insurances. Aside from meals and drinks, guests should note that fuel surcharge and other gratuities will incur extra fees and charges.

Yachting in Phuket will surely elevate your travel experience to explore another world in the island’s open waters, a must-try for those looking to discover a different side of this marvelous tropical paradise.


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