Bali can rightly be considered as Indonesia’s tourism hot bed and with good reasons. It has breathtaking sights and amazing getaway sites, rich in unending treasures. Despite the tourists numbers that flock to the island, there is still room for the wise visitors to get to its nature and cultural mines and spend time unhurried or undisturbed. Here are top places you ought to visit if you are to truly experience the magic of Bali, also known as the ‘Island of Gods’.

1. Pura Tanah Lot

A wonderful temple attraction in the southwest of Bali. The temple is still part of the locals’ mythology and one has to walk across the water to get to it. This is a majestic site for pilgrims and it is built on a rock formation. A visit to the temple when the tide is low provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the experience in full as you get to walk across to get to the temple.

2. Uluwatu Temple

The Uluwatu temple also known as the Pura Luhur Uluwatu is not only scenic but also has an enchanting story and purpose behind it. It is one of the directional temples built to ward off evil spirits thus keeping Bali safe. It rests on a 70m cliff over the Indian Ocean offering an unrivaled view of the waves. It is in the southernmost region of Bali. Aside from the view you get to experience the masterpiece architecture that has stood for centuries and the accompanying cultural experience.

3. Ubud

If Bali is Indonesia’s top attractions center, then Ubud is Bali’s most happening place. It brings the cultural, nature and religious attractions still topped up by numerous fun activities and adventures. For those seeking meditation there are plenty yoga centers. It has many temples, art centers, museums, parks and gardens. You get to enjoy rafting, spas and massages, theaters and shopping sprees.

4. Kuta Beach

This is the most visited beach in the whole of Bali. It is an ideal get together, party and socializing venue and if you want non- stop night life it is also the place to head to. During the day you can enjoy all imagined beach activities as you take in the endless ocean views. It is also diverse in terms of costs as it is lines with cafes from budget ones to the high end ones.

5. The Ayana Bar

It does not get any better than enjoying your favorite drink on top of high rock overlooking the ocean, with the sound of the waves. Ayana Bar is a popular spot in Bali and allows you to party on top of the might of the ocean just like a Yacht.

6. Mount Batur

For those seeking extra adventure and a greater challenge, a hike up to Mount Batur is for the taking. It is an active volcano with a caldera at the top and with its summit at 1700m off the ground, it is a welcoming quest, not hazardous but demanding some effort. At the top the view is worth it. Treks can start as early as 4am in the morning and you can catch the sun as it rises from the summit.

7. Nusa Beach

This is a private beach offering grand treasures for those with an allowing budget. As expected it is scenic with no stifling crowds anytime and has a number of high end hotels to match your needs of luxury. It is a perfect location for dates meant to impress and an exotic honeymoon.

8. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

This is the temple by the lake and it’s the third temple in this list and worthy of its inclusion. Unlike the others it rests besides Lake Bratan. The green vegetation and the clean water of the lake, with the beautiful mountains blend in a perfect mix and the structure of the temple with the layered roofs, offer a perfect backdrop with the double reflections experienced.

9. Bali Pulina Coffee Plantation

Only in Bali can a coffee plantation be ranked as a must visit site. It is not just any coffee plantation it is an agro tourism center and makes an exciting getaway place when seeking refuge from the bustles of big centers. You get to relax tasting various coffee and tea blends watching the endless plantation in touch with nature. This is the home of the expensive Kopi Luwak.

10. Lovina

Lovina is perhaps the best dolphin sighting in the world. It is a perfect beach and at dawn you can seek out dolphins which arrive in schools. Getting to the beach during the peak time will have you competing with crowds which is why an off peak trip is recommended. The beach also affords one a number of attractions from live music to cafes which host a number of activities.