Welcome to The Private World; specialist in exclusive, high-end villas and homes vacation rentals. We promise Villa Owners and Villa Guests a customized, personalized, and professional service with our invaluable and insightful experience in the luxury vacation rental market. We handpick our select portfolio of luxury villas; ensuring each property showcases the high standards The Private World clients expect.

The Private World clients come from all over the world and are high-net-worth individuals familiar with luxury accommodations and 5-star services. We take reservations from single families, two families traveling together with children, and groups of friends looking for a villa that promises an upscale vacation lifestyle experience. We also attract couples looking for a romantic vacation retreat or to simply relax and rejuvenate in luxurious comfort and style.


  • We create marketing materials including videos, photos, text, graphics, information sheets, and content to highlight your property’s outstanding features.
  • Distribute marketing materials on an appropriate online platform as well as to agents operating across the globe, to reach global high-end markets.
  • Access the niche luxury market internationally through our contacts and reputation amongst loyal, repeat clients as well as through the power of referral and exclusive marketing channels.
  • Manage Client inquiries in a personalized way so that we can match clients to your property and ensure that we are presenting your interests along with their wants.
  • Manage reservations from initial client interest through each stage of the process to final booking, with a smooth, transparent system.
  • Manage payments to ensure deposits are paid on time and rates are paid in full.


Does Your Villa Fit The Private World’s Standard? When considering a villa for inclusion in The Private World portfolio, we consider a variety of factors. Please note that all villas will be professionally assessed in person by The Private World before being accepted.

Villas need to be in a quiet and private location and setting, whether beachfront, clifftop or surrounded by greenery. A fabulous view is a real bonus too. The villa location must feel exclusive and can be within a gated villa-estate or a stand-alone property. Think chic retreat, holistic sanctuary, and sophisticated hideaway.
The Private World villas always have a private pool with an incredible vista. It is not necessary that our villas boast all the facilities and features we look for, but they should include a combination. The indoor space often includes a large dining table and lounge, private cinema or TV room, games room and entertainment areas as well as a gym, spa, and gorgeous en-suite bathrooms, plus state-of-the-art sound systems. The outdoor space is really important too and often includes gardens, a lawn, outdoor dining, salas, lounge seating, and even sports from kayaks to tennis courts. Any other unique features that fit the luxury market are considered too.
Villa Owners should be able to provide in-demand staff that are well-trained and guest-focused from in-villa butlers to private chefs and housekeeping, should guests request. Many of our clients expect a concierge service that can assist them at the villa as well as advise and assist with other aspects of their stay such as trips and activities. Local knowledge is essential.
The upkeep of villas is absolutely essential, and this goes beyond being in perfect working order and every feature and facility available to guests. The villa must be well-maintained, including no damage or repair issues along with clean paintwork and quality furnishings.
From a traditionally designed villa to an uber-modern, minimalist style, The Private World offers a wide-array of unique and interesting villas; each exuding a certain design sentiment from light and airy with lots of natural light to gorgeously glamorous or fun and funky. The key is that the architecture as well as the outdoor design elements, and the interiors are decorated with good taste, a great finish, and an overall ambiance in mind.
The Private World villas have a minimum of 4 bedrooms. Whilst some villas may only be occupied by a couple, we only list those villas that have the capacity to cater for eight or more guests at one time.


The live availability calendar is an essential element for the booking process, making it easy for anyone to see on the fly when reservations are available. The calendar not only improves efficiency, it helps produce more revenue and increase productivity. We find it essential that our clients feature a live availability calendar as part of their services.
To highlight the very best features of your villa, we require extremely professional, quality, high-resolution images to feature on our website. Quality photography is essential to market anything, but especially in the villa market. If you lack in quality photos, don’t despair: we will be happy to direct you to photography services.
Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of the villa. For new clients, we will begin by visiting your villa for an exacting inspection by our Villa Specialists. We take a look at the villas overall design, the details of the interior as well as the amenities and facilities it offers. Also, we take into account the standards of maintenance and staff services.
This is just a brief synopsis of everything the Villa Specialists will be looking out but gives you an idea of our approach.
Every villa is carefully selected, handpicked by our experts for its unique appeal and quality experience. To select only the best, we conduct an inspection stay, where one of our specialists immerses themselves in the experience offered by your villa to get a first-hand look at all of the comforts, amenities, and services provided.

Are you passionate about your property? We love to work with Villa Owners who take care of their properties and care about the guest experience. Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a part of The Private World’s luxury vacation rental portfolio.