The most exquisite collection of luxury chalet rentals in Courchevel, France. The Private World personally inspects every property in our portfolio to meet the highest of quality standards. With a minimum of 5 bedrooms, our Courchevel luxury accommodations are cozily situated in the midst of the French Alps. These fantastic holiday chalets are equipped with 5-star features and amenities including indoor swimming pools, warm and spacious living-dining areas, hammams, jacuzzis, fitness rooms, and home cinemas, to name a few. A dedicated concierge is made available to help you pick from an array of personalized services for the ultimate Courchevel luxury vacation. For the best available rates, book direct with us.

Why Book a Chalet in Courchevel, France?

The Selection of Luxury Chalets

One of Europe’s best ski holiday destinations in the French Alps can be best enjoyed in the Savoie Region. Home to the largest linked ski areas in the world, it’s no wonder why Courchevel has captivated vacationers and skiing enthusiasts for decades. Its foundation as a premier skiing destination started as early as the 1940s by the Saint-Bon Council paved the way in developing this mountain community into a huge network of ski resorts beloved by tourists from around the world.

The community displays a wide variety of traditional alpine dwellings elevated to another level with five-star accommodations in mind. Each chalet has its own distinct personality, ranging from winter houses made of solid wood to a combination of stonework and glass, designed by some of the world’s celebrated architects.

These holiday homes in Courchevel vary from size, starting off with a 5-room holiday retreat to a palatial seven-story, eight-room posh ski-home that comes replete with an elevator and parking space.

Effortlessly chic and ultra-stylish, each chalet showcases thoughtfully-designed interiors touting designer furniture adorned with premium leather, wood, and fur accents. Fireplaces are staples in every alpine home, providing warmth and inspiration for every guest. Most luxury ski chalets can guest a large group of 10 to 15 people, ideal for a fun family or group holiday getaway in the French Alps.

Courchevel’s luxurious cabin homes are created for optimal comfort and enjoyment for its guests, with most of them boasting state-of-the-art wellness and entertainment facilities, which guests can use throughout their entire stay. Guests can take a dip in the chalet’s indoor pools or enjoy soaking in the outdoor jacuzzi while savoring the Alpine valley in full view. To top off the ultimate deluxe experience, Courchevel’s chalet provides a concierge service with butler service, a private chef, and even a chauffeur.

Where to Find the Best Chalets in Courchevel

Comprised of 6 village resorts right at the heart of the Alps in the upper Tarentaise Valley, Courchevel has plenty of lavish vacation chalets on offer.

Sitting in three prime spots: Cospillot, Chenus, and Nogentil, these premiere chalet rentals in the Alps provide not just a respite for those yearning for the beauty of the outdoors, but also convenience to Courchevel’s coveted ski locations.

With these “ski-in/ski-out” type chalet rentals in the Alps, skiers can easily access Courchevel’s six ski resorts. Guests can also spend the entire day traversing the slopes conveniently or go exploring the many wonders and exciting treasures that each village has waiting for them.

Saint-Bon, the birthplace of the Courchevel, is full of history with its age-old mountain village streets and baroque church adding to its overall rustic charm. Renowned as France’s sole Olympic ski jumps, Courchevel Le Praz is a little town brimming with tradition. While carefully preserving its architectural heritage, this charming village is filled with shops, restaurants, bars, and terraces connected by its narrow streets.

The youngest of all the village resorts, Courchevel La Tania, is nestled right at the heart of a forest. Full of idyllic charm, it is excellent for families where they can enjoy the Folyères run winding down the dense spruce forest. The Courchevel Village serves as the centrum of activities, shopping, and dining experiences in the whole area, with its multitude of restaurants and boutiques. Guests can enjoy the diversity in gastronomy, featuring both local and international cuisine.

Known for its sublime après-ski offerings, Courchevel Moriond has a wide selection of bars, all with varying atmospheres that would suit distinguished tastes. From an English pub to an oyster bar, visitors can take their pick from the options that Moriond has on display.

Named for its altitude of a staggering 1,850 meters, Courchevel 1850 houses deluxe establishments consisting of Michelin-starred restaurants, multi-starred hotels, and a sprinkling of trendy shops. The village truly is a hallmark of all things luxurious and is the most adjacent to the legendary Grand Couloir.

Courchevel as a Winter Vacation Destination

Winter Experience and Activities

Dubbed as the “St. Tropez of Winter Sports,” Courchevel is not just the world’s largest ski network, but a wintery paradise for serious athletes and luxury skiers alike.

The large expanse of gossamer snow blanketing the Three Valleys serves as the perfect skiing area with diverse levels of difficulty. It contains 600 kilometers of slopes and 7 legendary ski locations accessible to all skiers of varying aptitudes.

The majestic Saulire is the highest point in the Courchevel valley ski area at 2,738 meters. For skiers up for a great challenge, Le Grand Couloir presents a very steep corridor, where skiers can cross the entire length of 630 meters and an altitude drop of 340 meters.

Courchevel has been at the forefront in providing the golden standard in world-class skiing that it is named a joint host at the 2023 edition of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.

If skiing does not appeal that much to you, there are many activities you can engage in while staying at Courchevel. Visitors can go dog sledding, hang-gliding, hiking and snowmobiling, ice climbing, paragliding, and tobogganing for a certainly unique holiday experience while in the French Alps.

Dining and Shopping

Courchevel goes beyond the enviable skiing experiences by incorporating the finest tables in the French Alps. Michelin-star restaurants have lined up the 6 villages within Courchevel’s network featuring both international and homegrown cuisines.

The mountain village also prides itself on designer labels and fashion houses as well as independent boutiques featuring high-end pieces and luxurious ski fashion. Courchevel 1850 houses most of these premium brands with the likes of Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton lining up Avenue Montagne.

Spa and Wellness

Guests must try the ultimate Savoyard wellness experience when in Courchevel. A trip in its numerous spas will transport you to pure bliss and tranquility as wellness specialists attend to your every need.

Courchevel offers unique wellness facilities that are truly exceptional. When there, don’t forget to visit the saltwater cave, or perhaps indulge in a decadent chocolate massage, or even try the sensory shower or a revitalizing Turkish bath.

Après-ski and Nightlife

The Courchevel nightlife is one you should not miss with its buzzing après-ski scene. Celebrate a fantastic day at the slopes with your friends with some well-earned apres-ski cocktails, or probably some aperitifs before dining out.

There is no shortage of terrific spots for people to be seen and party in the Savoyard village, where you can listen to live music and chase the night away with your friends. If ultra-cool bars and loud music is not your cup of tea, wine bars set a relaxing ambiance as you sip your wine and enjoy a plate of nibbles as you unwind after a tiring day of exploring the slopes of the Three Valleys.