Samui Island is among the many islands found along the coastline of Thailand gifted with a picturesque tropical ambiance and white fine sandy beaches. The beaches on this island attract thousands of visitors both from Thailand and outside, with varieties of hotels and resorts, villas rentals, restaurants, shops, and plenty of interesting places to see and activities to do. Here’s our top 10 recommendation of beaches to visit when visiting Koh Samui.

Chaweng Beach

This beach is among the beaches with a vibrant nightlife. It has a very clean seabed both at its center and on the south coast. The sand along the coastline of this beach is soft and fine while the nature is so inviting. For those who love snorkeling, this is the place to be, especially on the north coast of the beach. There are many resorts, restaurants, and nightclubs on this coastline which make it one of the most active beaches at night.

Bophut Beach

The Bophut beach is for those who value and love nature. It has some of the most attractive views and a serene walking environment for tourists. The beach has a lot of jellyfish and the sea waters are a bit cloudy. Cuisine lovers who visit this beach will feel at home because of the wide variety of cuisines available. There are numerous local shops as well as restaurants across the beach.

Lamai Beach

Lamai beach has a deep and clean sandy seabed which is favorable for swimming activities. The beach has so many entertainment spots and restaurants with modern infrastructure. The beach is normally crowded and has a vibrant nightlife. Tourists can either chose to swim in the sea or in the swimming pools available in tourist hotels and restaurants.

Maenam Beach

This beach has the coolest atmosphere with a clean seabed and coastline. Apart from its developed infrastructure the availability of pier makes it a perfect place for catamarans. Shopping activities are limited here because there are very few shops and supermarkets available.

Nathon beach

The beach offers an attractive view of the sea and has strong, but low sea tides. The infrastructure on this beach is well developed, but the coast is a bit dirty and filled with silt and seaweeds something which limits any swimming activities. The tourist visiting this beach can, however, choose to swim in swimming pools available at hotels and resorts.

Lipa Noi Beach

Lipa Noi beach has clear sea water with a clean seabed. The sea sand is fine and soft while the beach is clean and well groomed. There are no shops on this beach, but it hosts some of the best hotels and luxury villas in Koh Samui. This beach offers the best swimming environment because of its clean waters.

Natien Beach

This is a coral reef beach with very attractive beach terrain. The beach has very well developed tourist infrastructure and a lot of walking space. However, swimming activities are limited at this beach, as the water is very shallow.

Taling Ngam Beach

This beach provides the best view of the sun while setting and has a lot of attractive nature which is yet to be explored. The sea tides on this beach are strong but low.

Plai Laem Beach

The Plai Laem beach is known for its large and attractive Seashells. The beach is close to an airport as well as a seaport. Tourists visiting the beach can decide to either use the airport or travel by sea. Nonetheless, the beach has a shallow sea bed which is sometimes sticky. It is among the most visited beaches because of its closeness to the passenger airport and the seaport.

Bang Po Beach

Bang Po beach offers the best resting environment to tourists visiting the island. It offers a perfect view of surrounding islands and has a lot of underwater seaweed which is visible along the seashore. The Bang Po beach has shallow waters and fine sand which form a perfect swimming environment for children. The children will find inflated arms bands and attractive toys to enhance their swimming expeditions.

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