Koh Samui and more specifically in the Chaweng beach area has risen to become the topmost entertainment area in the island. If after a long fun day on the beach, you are in the mood to grab a drink in the bar, dine out, dance in nightclubs and discos, and enjoy other recreation activities and entertainment, you can find it here. The majority of the establishments in Koh Samui close about 2.00 o’clock in the morning, with some exceptional ones with authorization to operate for a few hours longer. You can spend the night playing pool and dart and drinking many types of local and international drinks as well as enjoying live performances.

The Chaweng Nightlife

Chaweng is a beach in Koh Samui where you can find numbers of bars, discos, pubs, and nightclubs lined up along the beachside road which is about 6 to 7 kilometers long.

The green Mango, which is located in central Chaweng and the reggae pub, are the two biggest nightclubs in Samui. There are live music performances and other entertainment performances in the Tropical Murphy and the Coco Blues Company as well.

For visitors who wish to enjoy a drink in a more calm and peaceful environment the Brazilian Zico’s with spectacular samba dance shows is the perfect bar to visit. Q-bar is a fashionable club situated high on a certain slope in northern Chaweng and overlooking the breathtaking Chaweng Lake. Even though it is quite expensive, it is very trendy and awesome for hanging out.

The Lamai Nightlife

Though life in Lamai is not as intensive as the Chaweng nightlife, Lamai has many bars and a little smaller clubs and pubs. Fusion and Seed, both found in central Lamai are highly recommended for a fun night.

The Nightlife in Other Parts of Koh Samui

Other beaches in Koh Samui do not have intense nightlife, but you can still find bars and pubs spread in other areas on the island. For romantic evenings with your partner, the northern beaches namely BoPhut, Choeng Mon, and Maenam are recommended. Beaches on the west coast also provide a perfect sunset background, then continue with the nightlife.