Koh Samui island has a wide variety of activities to suit all its guests. It offers many sports and leisure activities both in the surrounding waters and on land. You can visit Samui just to unwind and laze around the beach, to enjoy the wide variety of activities available on the island or both. Samui provides activities to suit all its guests.

While in Koh Samui on holiday and have been enjoying the beach for a while, you may want to change the pace and do something more energetic. Samui offers you a wide range of water sports to keep you busy and happy.

1. Snorkelling

The small bays of Crystal Bay and Coral Cove within Chaweng and Lamai are a delight to underwater world lovers. They offer the best snorkelling in Samui. However, the best snorkelling option is to take a boat trip a few hundred meters across to the two small islands of Ko Matsum and Ko Tan. Snorkeling is very good here and while circumnavigating the entire Samui Island the “Around Samui” trip on the Naga stops here for some snorkelling. Serious snorkelers can book a day snorkelling tour to Ko Tao which is one of the leading snorkelling and dive areas in Southeast Asia.

2. Diving

Samui is usually good for diving most of the year except in the monsoon season, from mid-October to mid-December. The diving Motto here is “Take only photos leave only bubbles” and respect the environment. Always join a reputable diving company and practice safety while diving.

Most dive companies are located on Koh Samui rather than Ko Tao because there are more activities in Samui. Charter companies and dive schools are based mainly in Chaweng and Bophut, though the dive spots are about 90 minutes away by speedboat. Many dive companies have PADI dive courses. Training is conducted in swimming pools before going into the Gulf of Thailand. When you are qualified you can book with a dive charter to explore excellent diving locations including Ko Tao, the Angthong Marine Park and the Sail Rock. You will see rays, tropical fish, and corals. Dolphins and the rare whale sharks are also frequently sighted.

3. Kayaking

Kayaking is great and gentler way to venture into waters and the beaches in Samui. The basics are simple and very easy to learn. There are Kayaking expeditions to the Angthong National Marine Park. You can see birds and marine life, explore rock formations, water inlets and hidden caves where pirates hid their loot. Kayaking is a good upper body exercise and an enjoyable way to explore the shoreline. Kayaks are available for hire and remember to have a life jacket.

4. Jet Skiing

If you want to enjoy Jet Skiing, you can hire Jet Skis at Lamai, Chaweng, Choeng Mon, Bophut and Hua Thanon beaches. Carefully examine your jet ski for dents and scratches before signing the hire form. To avoid accidents, watch out for swimmers, and speed when you are clear of the swimming area.

5. Surfing

Surfing is best in the monsoon season when there are 3-4 foot beach breaks. Chaweng beach is the most popular area for surfing and surfboards which they are available for hire on the beach during the surf season.

6. Fishing

There are fishing opportunities on Samui. Fishing excursions include big game fishing, night time fishing, and freshwater fishing in well- stocked dams. You can go for the Thai style fishing on a long tail boat or go fishing from a bigger fishing boat.

7. Sailing and Boating

Samui is ideal for sailing all year round. The North-eastern winds prevail between December and April while the stronger Western winds are predominant from May to November. There are sailing charter companies ranging from catamarans to Indonesian Junks and Turkish Gullets. They offer both trips and private charters. The Samui Regatta held at the end of May and the beginning of June yearly, is a leg of the Asian circuit and is growing in popularity, both among the competitors and spectators. You can also charter a Speedboat to Ko Tao and to other locations.

8. Stand-up Paddling (SUP)

This is a new and an increasingly popular water board sport in Samui. This is because, unlike surfing, SUP doesn’t require waves and this is welcome news as Samui has small waves except in the monsoon season. Stand-Up Paddleboarding works on core strength and is an enjoyable way to surf the small waves. SUP is a simple and easy sport to learn as the large surfboard is stable and it’s difficult to capsize. There are schools offering courses on Stand-Up Paddling. Once you gain experience you can graduate to the faster boards.

9. Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding gives you an opportunity to actually fly above the waves. Since Samui has mild winds, Kiteboarding is very popular. Kiteboarders have great fun in Samui and can be seen as far as Hua Thanon depending on the weather and the prevailing winds.

10. Windsurfing

Sa-ard Panyawan is among Thailand’s most celebrated sportsmen and windsurfers. He was a long time member of the Thai National Team and was a participant in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. He has been the Asian Windsurfing Champion and 5 times Gold Medallist at the South East Asian Games. You will meet him here, and he can show you a thing or two about surfing!

11. Sea walking

Have you ever heard of sea walking?! No experience can beat breathing underwater for the first time!! Sea walking is a very enjoyable way to find out how it feels to breathe underwater. After a few minutes of awestruck wonder, most participants realise how comfortable, easy and stress-free breathing underwater really is. You don’t need an experience for undersea walking. There are professionals who will carefully explain everything you may want to know about sea walking and guide you through each and every step in the beautiful underwater world of Koh Samui.

12. Flyboarding

Imagine hovering over the sea surface as if you were one of the superheroes with special power, wouldn’t that be awesome? Flyboarding is a thrilling water activity that is available on Koh Samui that will help your wish of having a superheroes’ power come true.  It becomes very popular due to the excitement and limitless that the activity can offer.

This flyboard will allow you to soar over the water up to 9 metres. The device is connected to the water jet that connects to the jetski by the long flexible hose, shooting you into the sky then dive into the water. So what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming, let’s fly!

So when you visit Koh Samui you can relax and unwind as you walk around on the white sandy beaches and you can also enjoy a wide range of water sports. Courses on the water sports are also available. No matter your age or interests, Koh Samui has something for you!

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