Phuket offers so many adventure activities that you can do while you’re spending time here such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, etc. One of the most popular activities here is surfing. Phuket’s shorelines have low and high tides, during certain seasons, tumultuous waves on the west-coast beaches pose a threat to swimmers and are alerted with red flags. However, this is ideal for surfers who are seeking frolicking explorations on the shores with the aid of equipment. Surfers still explore waters when currents are tenuous along Phuket’s shorelines. You can pinpoint ideal spots in Phuket with consistent conditions to surf; the best hotbeds are characterized by waves, offshore winds and favourable swell angles. If you are in pursuit of a prolific spot with muscular, speedy and larger waves, there are five places to land:

1. Kata Beach

Kata Beach comes at the peak as a surfing haven in Phuket. The greatest surfing fun can be attained at the Southern tip of the beach. Surfing is facilitated by fast waves that pop up on the sandbank in tall fountains. Going yonder north unveils smaller waves with the headland surrounding you. One should venture into the waters at medium tides, winds sway southwest heading northeast.
The beach is equipped with surfing facilities with a surf house and surf shops selling and renting surfing equipment. Surf enthusiasts can also find courses and training on Kata Beach.

2. Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach is nestled between Promthep Cape (one of the most popular viewpoints in Phuket) on the left and Ao Sane on the right. The spot’s coastline teems with a beach alongside a reef break north. Winds are incoherent, and waves surpass three meters in height. All tides can be surfed; thus, it is proper for amateurs and advanced adventurers. You can enjoy surfing on the north where a coral reef together with rocky break resists large swells. The southern end features an immovable sandbank before a lagoon with a quick and stretched ride although there are small swells.

3. Surin Beach


Surin Beach offers peerless surfing owing to its immense waves. This is only suitable for highly experienced surfers because the rising tide can pose the toughest challenges. The north and south tips of the beach offer magnificent surfing spots. There is a rock structure at the heart of the beach but is conspicuous at low tides. The northern tip of the rock structure erects a tiny sandbank that spawns a quick and shortwave that is suitable for surfing. The beach’s heartland features a sandbank making a fascinating break at medium tide. The sand bottom all over the beach provides safe landing while waves can be as high as two meters.

4. Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach boasts a matchless surfing area at the northern end. You can start surfing in the southern part; there is a light swell to serve and waves to measure one meter. At the heart of the beach up to Phuket FantaSea, sandbanks create towering waves of up to three meters. This spot is recommended for advanced surfing gurus. The northern end imbues surfing with a pocket and challenging reef point break. You can surf here at all tides.

5. Kalim Beach

Kalim Beach offers a golden surfing spot in Phuket. It sits north from Patong Beach; its middle part is the ultimate surfing precinct. Surfers can cruise on a 100-meter pathway with lofty waves that are as high as 3 meters. It’s proper to venture during mid or high tides with meticulous care while landing as the beach is rugged with rocks and a coral reef
The foregoing surfing spots are highlighted by essential facilities, punchy waves, and winds as well as fabulous sandbanks for longer and faster rides. These are the tip top Phuket surfers’ sanctuaries; Visitors can check more information for tides info here or visit this site for more specific information.

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