Phuket might seem like a good place for adults’ activities, but this beautiful island also has plenty of attractions and activities that kids will love and accommodation that can cater to both parents and children’s needs. However, travelling with kids can be a bit troublesome when it comes to planning. This article will help guide you where to start, what to prepare and where to stay in Phuket.

1. What to bring to Phuket?

Packing for kids is not light, like packing for yourself. This is because unexpected things do happen, such as spilling juices or unstable stomach due to the long trip, and this is when the “double amount packing” comes to play.

Double the amount of diapers, kids’ clothes and baby formula (if your kids still need one) when you pack for your trip. You might also prepare a small backpack filled with goodies for your kids, to keep them entertained and be part of the packing process.

The list below is some stuff that you might think they are not important, but in fact – they are very much important.

Mosquitoes repellent: kids have very sensitive skin; especially, to the insects. Even though repellents can be bought in Phuket, but it might not be your preferred brand. Therefore, it is best to bring one on your own. Others repellent related products that you should consider bringing along are:

  • Cot bed insect net
  • Plug-in repellent diffuser (also available in convenient stores)
  • DEET-free repellent wipes

Sun protection: Sunlight on Phuket Island is so strong that it can burn kids’ skin with just a few minutes of outdoor activity. Even you can find sunblock for kids at local shops on the island, they might not have the particular brands that you like. Therefore, better pack sunscreen for kids along with you. Others sun protection products; you should bring along are:

  • UVP 50+ clothing (surfing shirt and shorts and sun buster hat)
  • High SPF, water-resistant sunscreen
  • Kids’ sunglasses

Kids’ toys: Some might overlook the importance of kids’ toys, but to your surprise, you will realise that they are a lifesaver tools for parents. Kids’ rucksacks filled with stuff like toys, colouring book and snacks will help keeping them entertained and happy – in other words, it will also keep you happy.

Others things you could prepare for your kids’ entertainment on the beach:

  • Inflatable pool floats

Prescription medications and Electrolyte replacement solution: If your kids need to take special medication from the doctor, you should make sure not to forget to include them in your list. Electrolyte replacement solution will come in handy if your kids have an upset stomach.

Bean bag travel pillow/ baby cart: Bean bag will help facilitating their journey to be more comfortable while the baby cart will come in handy when you are on the road.

Baby wipes: It will be very useful when you need to change their diapers on-the-go style or if they spill some milk or juices.

Snacks: Not only toys can keep them entertain, snacks can also do the same trick. Try packing dried and light snacks such as dried fruits, snack bars and etc.

2. Where to stay on Phuket Island?

Phuket has many beaches where almost of them are packed with facilities that suitable for family.  Patong might be packed with all the conveniences, but it might not be suitable for family with kids due to its notorious nightlife facilities available in the area. Beaches like Kamala, Kata and Nai Harn are more family-friendly because they have well-equipped facilities such as restaurants and proper beach areas for activities with fewer nightlife options.

3. Kid-friendly Accommodation

Phuket has plenty of accommodations, and many of them offer very friendly places for your kids to stay. Famous luxury hotel chains in Phuket provide wonderful services for kids such as at Laguna Beach Resort Phuket offering a kids club, a water park that has organised activities such as kayaking, sailing and windsurfing lessons for kids.

Otherwise, at Holiday Inn Resort Phuket offer “kid suite” that has children’s themed ‘room within a room. Hilton Phuket Arcadia also has kids’ facilities such as babysitting service and a childcare center with lots of kids activities, including batik and painting as well as cartoons and computer games, to facilitate parents on their holidays.

For normal kids, facilities such as baby cots are available upon request in most of the properties.

If you travel in a big group with kids, you might want to consider a private villa on Phuket Island which also provides kids’ facilities upon request. Furthermore, at a luxury private villa, kids can entertain in a cinema room and a game room that packed with PlayStation, XBox and many more.

4. Recommended activities with kids

Kids love the pool, so one of the top activities you could do with your children is to swim in the pool or the sea. But Phuket also has more attractions that kids will love such as a water park at Splash Jungle Water Park in Mai Khao Beach or an adventure day at Dino Park Mini Golf in Kata Beach. You can also find more attractions and activities for kids here.