First time travelling to Samui might raise several questions that will need someone to answer them. One of the most asked questions of all will have to be “what should I bring to Koh Samui?” or “What should I wear when I am there?” Worry no more, here is the ultimate list of What to pack to Koh Samui.

Getting to know Koh Samui

Situated in the southern of Thailand, Samui is a third largest island in Thailand, after just Phuket and Koh Chang. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand Sea in Surat Thani Province. Neighbouring famous islands of Ko Tao and Ko Pha Ngan, Samui Island has its own airport owned and operated by a private sector, making travelling there is an easy task.


There are three different seasons on Koh Samui; dry season (December to February), hot season (March to August) and a rainy season (September to November).
The best time to travel there is during the peak season (December to February) because the weather will not be too hot and not too humid.

What to Pack for Samui?

1. Pack Sunscreen

Straw hat, bag, sun glasses and flip flops on a tropical beach

Getting tan might be one of the first things that travellers would want to do on Samui and sunscreen might not be on your priority list, but believe us it is!

Sunlight on the island can range from super sunny to scorching sunlight that can cause sunburn and that’s not a pleasant experience at all. So bring your favourite brand of sunscreen, apply it before going out – even you are not heading to the beach but on other excursion trips, you should still use the sunscreen.

If you forget to bring one, there are plenty of sunscreens available in supermarkets or even at local shops on the island with an affordable price and reliable brands.

2. Bring Your Hat and Sunglasses

There is plenty of sunshine on Koh Samui that sometimes it is more that just enough! Hat and sunglasses might come to rescue when the sunlight is way too strong that you cannot even open your eyes. The oversized floppy hat will be extra useful for preventing you from sunburn on forehead and neck.

If you did forget to bring these items from home, you could find many floppy hats and fashion sunglasses available around the island.

3. Sandals

Leave your boots and high heels back at home if you decide that your next holiday will be on the tropical island. Koh Samui has a relatively good road, however; just like other places in Thailand, there is no proper path walk.

Sandals will suit you best for being a default footwear in Thailand due to the hot weather and humidity. Also, it is easy to remove if you have to get into the temple or local people’s houses which will require you to take off your shoes. Nice and cheap sandals can be found in many shops across the island.

4. Tissue Paper

It is best to bring your tissue paper when you are on the trip anywhere! Samui is not an underdeveloped destination, so there are enough restrooms along the way, but they may not provide tissue paper or wipes. So just make sure you have it in any case.

5. Mosquitoes repellent

One of the most important things that you should never forget when you are in the tropical island is mosquitoes repellent. They are not deadly but they can make your skins irritated for days- that’s what mosquito can do to you. Mosquitoes repellent is also useful for other small insects that you will sure find more than one along the way such as ants. Make sure that you apply repellent every time you head out for your hotel room, especially during the evening to night time. There are many kinds of insects repellent available on Koh Samui. If you have to use it often, try the natural kind made from lemongrass that smells good and gentle.

However, if you are staying at one of the luxury hotels in Koh Samui, or perhaps at one of the private villa rentals in the island, you may not need carry this as it will be provided for free.