The pristine powdery beach and the lively sunlight can have someone forgotten all about taking care of oneself. But it is essential to keep the healthy routine on track, especially when on a tropical island like Koh Samui where it is abundant of scorching sunlight and cozy environment for insects. To ensure the beauty of your skin, here are five skin products that you should bring with you when travelling to Koh Samui to combat the weather on the island.


Talking about sunshine and a lovely tropical day, it inevitably comes with strong UV light which hurts your radiant skin. Therefore, the first and foremost beauty product to bring to the island is a sunscreen lotion with intense SPF protection of not less than 30. For an extra tip, choose the sunblock with moisturizing ingredients for a better result. If you are one of those who hates to apply sunscreen, try Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Sunscreen Body Mist SPF 70. It has super high SPF tho it is light and easy to apply.

After-sun cream

After having a sunbath session on a beach all day, after sun lotion will come to rescue the burning. After-sun cream also helps adding moisture to the skin which will prevent skin peeling. Try the one with aloe gel formula as it is not only giving a refreshing feeling to the skin, it also smells very nice. Simple Sun Sensitive Moisturising After Sun Lotion is a good example with the combination of aloe and chamomile will sure calm your skin after the sunbath.

Mosquito Repellent

Good and warm weather comes with an extra feature – insects and mosquitoes. Even during the daylight, mosquitoes can find its way to interrupt your holiday. Therefore, mosquito repellent is the best way to fight this annoyance. Try the natural formula with the main ingredient of Citronella grass as it is not only free from DEET but it also has a pleasant scent.


It is crucial to keep the skin hydrated and the best way to do so is to apply moisturizer to the skin to keep it healthy and wrinkle-free. Try moisturizer product with a non-comedogenic formula to prevent clogged pores. Especially when in a hot country, use the light cream or the essence type to avoid the sticky feeling skin. Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions Daily Moisturizing Daily Lotion is a gentle way to keep your skin healthy and free from pimples.

Lip Balm with SPF

Many will overlook the importance of lip balm with SPF. Believe it or not, the strong sunlight on the island can totally turn your pink lips into the dark ones. To be safe than sorry, apply lip balm with SPF and always carry one in the pocket. Try this Badger’s SPF lip balm, this product has the most natural ingredients and is a Vegan-friendly. The best of all is it has SPF 15 that can help prevent your lips from sunlight and the heat.