A private villa with a beachfront infinity pool can portray the perfect vacation for anyone. The component of the sea breeze from the ocean and the elegant beachfront swimming pool are indeed a dream holiday that is hard to beat. Here we’ve gathered some of the best private holiday homes in Koh Samui with beachfront pool. You may also want to visit our best collection of luxury beachfront villas in Koh Samui.

1. Villa Akatsuki

Inspired by Thai and Japanese designs, Villa Akatsuki is located on Lipa Noi Beach. This 5-bedroom beachfront villa features three negative-edge pool facing the pristine beach where one can dip into the sea right after a refreshing soak in the pool. With the distance glance from afar, the expansive pool looks like a gigantic mirror reflecting the sky onto the pool surface. Guests will be greeted by this far-reaching pool from the hallway to the beachfront area. The floatable sunbeds offer a more luxurious way to enjoy the pool.

2. Villa Mekkala

Situated on the southern coast of Koh Samui, Villa Mekkala sits on Laem Sor Beach. This 6-bedroom villa features an impressive, elegant blue-tiled beachfront pool where both kids and parents can enjoy a good time in the pool. Mekkala also has a manicured garden that has a path leads to the sunken Sala in the middle of the pool where guests can choose to dine in the alfresco atmosphere.

3. Villa Ayundra

Sit on the west coast of Koh Samui, Villa Ayundra boasts an expansive light blue-tiled infinity-edge pool facing the beach. This incredible pool is 22-meter long and runs along the three-bedroom while the other three suits resided in the building behind the pool. Guests can also enjoy refreshing drinks at a poolside sunken bar while listening to the music from the top-notch loudspeaker system. Otherwise, having a BBQ dining or a pool party are quite an ideal things that guests can do at the Ayundra.

4. Villa Mika

A touch of Balinese arts at Villa Mika is a great complement to this beachfront pool property. Once entering the front gate, one will be surprised by the stunning turquoise-tiled infinity pool that runs along almost the entire villa. This 6-bedroom villa is perfect for a family with kids and elders due to its great floor plan as well as kid’s facilities. Guests at Villa Mika can also enjoy views of Samui’s landmark – the Big Buddha –  and the neighbouring island of Koh Phangan.

5. Villa Upni Duniya

Villa Upni Duniya boasts a splendid beachfront infinity-edge pool with a relaxing Sala in the middle of the pool. This massive 9-bedroom villa can cater up to 18 guests. All bedrooms are equipped with modern bathroom facilities with a touch of charming Balinese style. From the distance, one might mistake the pool with the sea due to its perfect location. Guests can make use of the sunken sunbeds with a shade of the well-cared garden.

6. Tawantok 1/2

These two twin villas sit on the Lipa Noi Beach on Koh Samui. Villa Tawantok 1 and Villa Tawantok 2 are located the right to each other, just like a mirror. Both of these luxury villas have beachfront pools that resided in the modern Thai traditional style mansions. Guests can enjoy dipping into the pool and switch to the sea right after the pool session. Beach volleyball or football are also pleasant to enjoy on this beautiful beach.