Choosing a villa to rent in Koh Samui for your dream island holiday may not be as easy as you think. First question to ask yourself is whether you like to enjoy the beach with other exciting activities or would you prefer to spend time staring into the vast blue ocean while listening to your favorite music from a mountaintop or hilltop villa.

Either of the two, there are always pros and cons in an option. Here are some guidelines for choosing which types villa is suitable for your next vacation to this island paradise.

1. The Beachfront Villas in Koh Samui

The Pros

1. Direct Beach Access

As the name suggested, beachfront villas in Koh Samui offer a direct beach access where the beach is just a few steps away. It is always good for beach lovers to be able to access to the beach and feel the sand on their feet without a long walk on the street just to reach to the place. This is also good for those who love just to stay in, but they can experience the beach and the sea from the property.

2. Easy Access to the Villa

The beachfront villa is located on the ground which means it is a lot easier for travelers to reach the estate when compared to the one on the hilltop. Also when guests want to go out for other kinds of activities; it is much faster and more convenient for them to commute to other locations.

3. Family friendly

Due to its non-challenging location, beachfront villa is very much suitable for a family with kids and elders. It is easier to commute to the premises as well as it is safer for them to walk around the compound.

4. Good for water sports lovers

Those who love water sports should not miss staying in a beachfront villa. With easy access to the beach as well as to the sea, guests can enjoy all-day watersports activities. Some of the beachfront villas even allow boats to pick up their customers in front of the place for a fishing trip or a yacht excursion.

5. Best for Active Guests

Guests full with adrenaline and enthusiasm should stay in beachfront villas due to its excellent accessibility and its location connecting to the beach. These factors allow guests to do more activities, go out sightseeing as well as increase more chance to mingle with other beachgoers.

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The Cons

1. Less Privacy

A private villa offers ultimate privacy for the dwellers. However, if compared the beachfront villa to the hilltop one, the first one certainly has less privacy than the second one – this is due to its location. If the beach that the villa sits on is a public beach, guests’ privacy is likely to dwindle due to its direct beach access.

2. Limited view

No doubt that a beachfront property promises a lovely landscape sea and beach view from the villa. However, from the villa, the view will be limited on the ground level that is unlike the hilltop estate where guests can experience a breathtaking panoramic view of the whole ocean.

The Hilltop Villas in Koh Samui

The Pros

1. Absolute Privacy

If privacy is something you treasure, a hilltop villa in Koh Samui will sure cater an utmost zen experience of all time. Due to its secluded location, the hilltop property is best suitable for guests who seek for the escape from the busy world and routines. The only sounds vacationers will hear, are the sound of nature – birds chirping, wind blowing and raindrops. That seems like a paradise for every introvert person.

2. Panoramic View from Atop of the Mountain

Hilltop Villas in the island have one of the best views one would dare to imagine. Apart from its ultimate privacy, guests will have a perfect viewpoint to enjoy all to themselves. Even with less accessibility from the outside world, the villa can compensate it with an incredible panoramic view of the ocean and green plantation or a wild jungle.

3. Best for Nature Lovers

With its unique hidden location, hilltop villas are best suited to nature lovers. They can spend their private time being part of nature as they stay in a villa that resides on the hill! Rare birds and exotic butterflies are commonly spotted around the premises that are a good sign that nature remains untouched.

The Cons

1. May be Difficult to Reach

A great view comes with a great effort. This saying also applies to hilltop villa. It is not easy at all to reach the top of the mountain, especially; the one that resides on a lush green hill barely disturbed by the outside world. The road to the hilltop might be a bit challenging and might not suitable for fainted heart person, but the view and experience there are worth every effort made.

2. May not be suitable for small kids and the elders

The hilltop villa’s building is designed to fit in the shape of the mountain so mostly these properties have many steps to climb and sometimes it can be very steep and challenging to walk up or down the stairs. Therefore, a family with small kids, elders and disabled guests should be aware of this matter.

However, it is still possible for these special guests to stay in the hilltop vacation house. One example of a villa on a hilltop that can suit family vacationers with kids and elderly is Villa Udorn Thara located on a hill in Bophut area. There are some other properties that also provide facilities for children and disabled guests or some other amenities that facilitate them around the premises. Just make sure to contact to get an accurate information from your villa agent prior to booking.