Koh Samui has numerous restaurants that offer fantastic views and delicious food, as well as cafes with great drinks, bakeries and cakes with cool cafe themes that attract coffee lovers to root there with a good book or a laptop and a cup of coffee. But when in Samui where one could have both coffee and a beach, an ordinary coffee shop might not be the first choice to go. The following are five of the best beach-side cafes on Koh Samui where one can have both views and a cup of a freshly brew coffee.

1. Think & Retro Cafe Lipa Noi Samui

Think & Retro Cafe is located on the southwest coast of the island called Lipa Noi Beach. It is near the Samui-Donsak Pier, so it is easy for those who travel via the ferry.  The concept of this cafe is to recycle waste things to create business and decor so as to reduce wastes. The cafes’ decor such as THINK Cottages and Retro Restaurant are made from old recycled decor and waste products. This cafe is an ideal for a relaxing place by the beach where one can have snacks, drinks or a quick meal such as Chicken Satay, homemade hamburger with a cocktail or a soft drink. The cafe is also perfect for a wedding ceremony and party due to its beachfront location.

Think & Retro also has accommodation services with fully furnished rooms. Delicious dishes at the restaurant include French Seafood, Thai indigenous food, and homemade pizza.

2. Chill Inn Beach Cafe

Chill Inn Beach Cafe is a beautiful beach-side cafe located near Lamai. Its excellent location makes the atmosphere at the cafe very chilling, and a perfect hangout zone for those who want to chill and relax as they admire the beautiful view of the beach. Its primary business is the hostel but this place also has a nice beachfront cafe where visitors can have a drink of their preferences. There are wide ranges of drinks from a cocktail, fruit shake, choices of coffee and other fancy drinks.

3. Bamboo Beach Bar Cafe & Restaurant

Bamboo Beach Bar Cafe & Restaurant is a bar cafe and restaurant located at Taling Ngam and designed in the traditional local Thai architecture. Due to its brilliant location, the atmosphere is one of the most beautiful laid back natural spots on the island. The cafe is a perfect place to hold a wedding ceremony and other private parties.

The cafe is part of the Element Boutique Resort, which offers two dining outlets in the property. Bamboo Cafe serves munchies, snacks,  soft drinks, cocktails, coffee and alcoholic beverages with a perfect beach scene.

4. Kalasea Coffee & Chill

Kalasea Coffee & Chill is located on Bang Makham Beach in Maenam area. The dishes served at this place are tasty and delicious, and they come with a magnificent view of the sea. The cafe is resided in a cute wooden house by the beach. Guests can choose to sit on the floor with a coffee table or on a proper table – it is up to customers’ wishes. Kalasea offers homemade cakes and bakeries and a freshly brew coffee. There are other side dishes that guests can order if they are hungry such as sandwiches or other Thai favorites. In the evening, visitors can see the sunset from the cafe while listening to jazz music, making Kalasea one of the most unique cafes on the island.

5. Monkeys Coffee Bar

Monkeys Coffee Bar is a cool cafe set in Maenam directly on Bang Por Beach. This beachside cafe serves delicious dishes and drinks like coffee and cocktails. For guests who love coffee, there are many options to choose, and they are all fancy with several of coffee art designs, making this coffee experience more fun. The decor of Monkeys Coffee Bar is very genuinely local but surprisingly all drinks are served in the most professional setting, and fabulous design. The music is beautiful and free WI-Fi connection is available to guests. There are also cakes and bakeries for guests to enjoy.