Souvenirs and tourism are two things that cannot be separable. Especially in the popular destination like Koh Samui, there are thousands of tokens to bring home ranging from a refrigerator magnet with letters say “Koh Samui” to a mainstream souvenir T-shirt that says “I love Samui”. However, if one wants to find a more memorable gift to bring home, then one should look for local homemade products. Here is the list of unique Koh Samui souvenirs that worth bringing home.


A Kalamae is a sweet caramel candy made from sticky rice, coconut milk, and palm sugar. The traditional Kalamae are very delicious and no preservatives are added while making it. The texture of Kalamae is very sticky and chewy, making fun and entertaining to consume. The handmade caramel candies come in three flavors Brown, Black and Green. The candies are made by using natural products and should be consumed within a week after purchase. Travelers can buy famous Kalamae candies on Raja ferry pier or at the market nearby Hin Ta Hin Yai Rocks on Koh Samui.

Samui Rum

Another famous product of the island is the local rum made from sugarcane juice. There are two types of rum available; one is made from fresh sugarcane juice while another is made from the residue of sugar in distilleries. Magic Alambic Distillery is quite famous for manufacturing high-quality rum in many flavors. During the sugarcane season from January to May, Magic Alambic produces around 18,000 bottles of fine rum. Magic Alambic also makes the syrup to be mixed with rum which offers a better taste. The syrup is made out of lime juice, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Magic Alambic also offers rooms for rent for a calm stay at the island.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

There is a wide range of coconut products that are available on Koh Samui. More than two million coconuts are supplied to Bangkok from Koh Samui every month. There are more than three million coconut trees which produce around 70 coconuts per year. Amongst many coconut products, the one which is loved by most women is Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. The oil can be used as a hair mask or a body moisturizer. It can be also used for treating scar tissue and blemishes. Oil also improves the immunity and prevents against cancer and heart diseases. Coconut has many essential nutrients inside it and people of Koh Samui consume it daily to remain healthy. For those who wish to buy virgin coconut oil, it is sold at Hin Ta Hin Yai Rocks, Big Buddha, and local markets.

Thai Fisherman Pant

This particular type of pants is worn by fishermen in Thailand since ages. The comfortable trousers come with an attached belt which is made from the same fabric as the pants. These fishermen pants have become very popular and are not only worn by fishermen but also by yoga instructors, backpackers, and even women. If one wish to purchase a fisherman’s pants, they are available in shops of southern Lamai. The trousers are available in different fabrics like cotton, silk, linen and are 100% authentic.

Thai Handicrafts

There are plenty of places to shop around in the streets of Koh Samui. People can find fine jewelry and exceptional handicrafts. Comparative to Bangkok handicrafts are more expensive in Koh Samui, but it will not affect one’s decision to buy such excellent work of craft. Popular handicraft items include wooden items, artworks, toys, leather goods, jewelry, and sculptures. Handicrafts are available on the island, but the main shops are at Lamai, Chaweng, and Nathon.

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