When guests choose to spend a holiday at private luxury villas in Phuket, it will have them set their standard so high for their accommodation. Therefore, villa owners and managers will have to think it hard to be able to meet guest’s expectation. One of the best tactics is the quality of villa facilities that promise to impress luxury enthusiasts instantly. Though it mainly depends on the selection of the finest and unique amenities to include in one villa, maintenance also plays a significant role to achieve that WOW factor.

Here are ten wow factors that you will usually find in a private luxury villa rental in Phuket.

1. Infinity-edge pool facing the ocean

There is plenty of infinity-edge pool in almost any kinds of accommodation but the infinity pool that comes with a majestic ocean view, how many accommodations can include that?
In a private villa, an infinity-edge pool facing the ocean is quite common. It is considered to be one of the “must have” facility in this exclusive unit, this is because this edgy pool with a unique view has never failed to impress the visitors, not ever.

2. Open-plan outdoor bathroom

What is sexier than soaking in a bathtub with your special someone? How about soaking wet in a bathtub in an outdoor bathing area? That is sure as hot as anyone can imagine.
An open-plan outdoor bathroom is quite a common concept for a luxury villa. It does not only allow guests to experience nature while relaxing in a hot bath or a shower, it also allows them to feel the freedom of limitless exclusive experience in this privilege estate.

3. Outdoor Whirlpool

One of the most elegant water features in a luxury villa is a whirlpool. Most of the luxury villas have a hot tub to add to an extraordinary experience for its clients. Usually, a whirlpool is well appointed to an outdoor area where vacationers can soak in and enjoy the open atmosphere. However, that doesn’t mean that the indoor one is less attractive. In fact, the indoor hot tub is mostly installed in the bedroom facing a bed or television where guests can enjoy entertainment while getting a massage from jets on their backs.

4. Cinema Room

Everyone used to experience the movie night out in a theatre crowded with people. In a way, it is an enjoyable sharing experience with others, but wouldn’t it be great to have it all to oneself without being disturbed by chatting or mobile sounds while watching a favorite film?

At a private luxury villa, guests’ wish can come true with the over-the-top cinema room. Even it is called a “room,” it is not quite like an ordinary room because it looks exactly like a theater!

The cinema room has everything from a world-class sound system, comfortable adjustable seats, a modern blind system to darken the room and light system that can dim the room professionally. With all these elements, a private, excellent movie experience is within a single touch on an iPad.

5. Fitness Room

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to exercise without being judged by other fitness goers? At a classy villa, guests can have fun getting fit in a private gym room all to oneself. Equipped with all kinds of high-end gym equipment, a fitness room normally comes with a million dollar panoramic view of the ocean. With that kind of view, fitness enthusiasts will sure bring home good health and fresh mind.

6. Sauna and Steam Room

It is very common for travelers to look for some relaxing activities to refresh their tiring mind and body. Massage might be the best way to go, however; sauna and steam rooms are probably easier to practice when they are already included in your accommodation.

In a luxury villa, guests can enjoy an extravagant relaxing experience in a sauna or a steam rooms. Usually, each villa will have either a sauna or a steam room together with a fitness room for guests to unwind their muscles after a hard session in a gym. The sauna and steam rooms are also good for detoxifying and rejuvenating.

7. Swim-up Pool Bar

Party goers will sure love this fun and edgy facility. A Swim-up bar brings a party to the pool by serving refreshing drinks to swimmers, not by the pool but inside the pool. A swim-up bar is usually a sunken type which will allow guests to swim to the bar and take an underwater seat and order their favorite drinks in the pool.

Some swim-up bars might come with an underwater sound system that will enhance the mood and experience even more.

8. Ocean View Bedroom

An ocean bedroom might sound a bit ordinary for a fancy villa. How about an ocean view throughout the villa? That sure sounds more exciting.

Luxury holiday homes feature excellent views. They are sophisticatedly designed to be able to seize the best panorama from all rooms or at least from all bedrooms. Therefore, guests do not have to fight over which room they want to stay.

9. Open-plan Living Space

Mostly a luxury villa will have many bedrooms, therefore; it usually has a large living space where all guests can spend quality time together. And to ensure the extraordinary experience, a living room in a private villa will come with a sophisticated open-plan design that will combine the living space with the dining area. In some property, it might even include an outdoor dining or living area to the living room with just a foldable glass partition acts as a border. This design will create an illusion of an extremely vast area and an airy environment that is perfect for a family activity that will bring everyone closer.

10. Game room and Entertainment Area

Last but not least, a game room and an entertainment area will surely help fulfilling one’s childhood dream. With all the exciting materials from the traditional board games, puzzle games to advanced console games, they are all available at a game room in a private villa.

Both adults and young guests can match up as playdates, whether it is going to be a Karaoke duel or a pool game, all of these can be enjoyed at an entertainment area.