Health and wellness resorts in Phuket have been rapidly gaining popularity in the recent years due to the changing trend of people lifestyles these days. Vacationers become more concern about their health and wellness. Consequently, there are more and more health resorts popping up around the island. This is also one of the many reasons why private luxury villas in Phuket that are for rent are booming due to itssecluded stunning locations offering personalized services that can cater to any health-related activities including private yoga session, massage, private gym trainer, private swimming lessons, etc.

The following list compiles from the wellness accommodation around Phuket that got the best votes from TripAdvisor in term of programs, services, and place.

1. Atmanjai Detox Yoga and Wellness

The resort is located in the quiet Southern part of Phuket Island, it was formerly known as Friendship Beach Resort and Spa. At Atmanjai Detox, there is a friendly and relaxing environment where one will get to take part in safe, proven, effective programs that will make one’s relaxed and restore health and vitality. The resort offers accommodation facilities that are modern, well equipped with facilities and comfortable with a two minutes’ walk to the beachfront swimming pool. There are two general wellness programs of graduated intensity; eat well program and ultra-cleanse program; each customized to one’s specific requirements to ensure overall fitness and healthy lifestyle.

2. Atsumi Healing Centre

Atsumi Retreat Healing Centre offers clients an invitation to transformation. It is located in Phuket Town at Rawai. The atmosphere at the resort is of peace and quiet where you get to have a life changing experience for your body, spirit, mind and soul. The resort offers three types of fasting and detoxing programs namely; arise and shine full fast, arise and shine full fast with juice and raw fast. The first program will last for three days, and it will aid in removing toxins and cleansing the blood. The second program will continue for five days, and it will mark the beginning of healing and rebuilding the immune system. The final program will run for five days and aims at preventing illness and solving eating problems.

3. Phuket Cleanses

Phuket Cleanse Villa is located in Phuket town at Rawai Speciality lodging. Here clients have a rare opportunity of designing their detox protocol and formulate an individual work from the numerous range of fitness, yoga and meditation classes, education and nutrition. Customers are offered a chance to detox naturally and a fantastic fitness holiday experience courtesy of the “5-R protocol”. Each wellness activity is holistic and follows a balanced daily workout program. Phuket Cleanse has received great reviews from its guests that sent it to rank no. 4th as a special lodging in Rawai area.  Find out more about this wellness center here.

4. Santosa Detox and Wellness Center

Santosa Detox is a health and wellness resort located at Kata Beach Specialty Lodging. The atmosphere at this retreat is calm and peaceful. The Center offers five different types of detoxing program. Each program can last a minimum of three and a maximum of twenty-one days. There is also a class program for outsiders who want to have a fitness and wellness experience at the Center. This retreat offers a holistic program to unleash a full potential of a healthy lifestyle. There is a vegan restaurant serving vegan and raw food, a spa providing relaxing and healing massages and spacious but modern accommodation. Santosa also has several fitness activities for their clients to enjoy ranging from a Yoga class to nutrition course.

5. Thanyapura Phuket

Thanyapura Phuket is a mind training mental toughness destination. The center is situated in the north of Phuket in Thalang District on a twenty-three-hectare piece of land featuring the best sports facilities and expertise coaching. The Center offers unique programs that will enable anyone to live a fulfilling life. Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club offers the best sporting facilities, and it also hosts world’s top sports coaches. Thanyapura health specializes in preventive and regenerative medicine, specialist treatments, and family health. Thanyapura Mind Center is a place for meditation and yoga related techniques that spirit seekers must visit.

Theses top five amazing wellness and fitness resorts in Phuket offer a holistic experience to their customers. Make a point to visit any of the resorts while in Phuket and rest assured that one will check out from these retreats to be a new person. For those who love the spas treatment, you might also want to check the 5 best Luxury spas in Phuket.