Phuket is famous for beautiful beaches, all kind of water sports whether it be surfing or snorkelling. Phuket also well knows for its mind-blowing seafood fare. The food is so good that it has become almost a necessary ritual for any tourist to visit at least one seafood restaurant during their stay in Phuket.  The most unique facet of the seafood scene in Phuket is the endless array of restaurants that serve deliciously-cooked fresh fish, crab, prawn alongside some of the most fantastic sceneries on the island. Here is the Ten Best Local Seafood Restaurants in Phuket, each undoubtedly, a must-visit place when in Phuket.

1. Laem Hin Seafood (Phuket Town)

Laem Hin is a gigantic and popular seafood restaurant in Phuket. Located at the Pier, which leads to the Coconut Island, Laem Hin is probably one of the most visited restaurants on the island. Prices on the menu are affordable, owing it to the restaurant’s prime location right on the Pier. Laem Hin prides itself with a long list of menus, every one of which is sure to delight you. Tanks with fresh seafood ready to cook are conveniently placed next to the kitchen. When in Laem Hin, you must try the Yam Gung Seab – a famous dried and smoked shrimps dish.

2. Mor Mu Dong (Chalong Bay)

Mor Mu Dong is located in the East of Phuket. The restaurant is often described as a rustic and unusual restaurant. Although it is a known seafood restaurant, it also serves delicious chicken and pork dishes. The eatery offers a unique experience as you can opt to sit on mats and eat from low tables or dine in the usual way – on standard dining tables and chairs. Pla Pao – whole fish stuffed with kaffir leaves and lemongrass, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled to perfection is unquestionably a very popular dish served in this restaurant.

3. The Gypsy Rawai BBQ (Rawai Beach)

The Rawai Sea Gypsies were a nomadic community, and they have set up a market for fresh seafood right where the day’s catch is being sold. You can easily buy live, and fresh lobsters, crabs, oysters, shellfish, fresh prawns and a lot more from the market vendors and Gypsy Rawai BBQ will prepare and cook them for you. Fresh seafood prices are very much affordable at Gypsy Rawai BBQ. They also have a wide range of refreshing drinks to complement the freshly cooked seafood.

4. Thanoon Seafood (Sarasin Bridge)

The Thanoon Seafood is located right on the beach on the way to Phang Nga Province. From one side of the restaurants, customers are greeted by the fantastic sea views. The restaurant serves lobsters, fishes, crabs and all kinds of seafood you can ever imagine. You can sit in one of the thatched-roof salas or opt for one of the beachside tables to enjoy your seafood meal. The Phuket Oysters are an absolute must-eat specialty on the menu. Another must-try is Yam Gung Siap, a dish made with smoked prawns.

5. Ang Seafood (Phuket City)

Ang Seafood looks quite deceivingly small from the outside, but once inside, it’s easy to figure out that it can accommodate a good number of customers. The restaurant is a very popular eatery among the locals and is always packed with foodies during weekends. It serves excellent seafood, shells and nice fish dishes. Tom Yam, a popular Thai dish is a must-try on the menu as it reeks of strong, tasty flavors and spices.

6. Bang Pae Seafood Restaurant

Bang Pae Seafood Restaurant probably occupies the top spot among local seafood restaurants in Phuket. It is not very far from Bang Pae Waterfall, and the restaurant has a beautiful backdrop of thick mangrove forests. The signature dishes here include steamed blue crab and deep-fried tempura shrimp.

7. Phong Phang Seafood (Chalong)

The Phong Phang Seafood restaurant boasts of a very imaginative and creative seafood cuisine. The friendly atmosphere extended by the restaurant is a plus. The restaurant uses only the best and fresh seafood, maintaining the absolutely high quality of its dishes. The restaurant offers a great view of the bay making it a truly breathtaking sight.

8. Chakachan Seafood (Haad Sai Kaew Beach)

The Chakachan Seafood Restaurant is located near the Haad Sai Kaew Beach in Phuket. Although the beach is relatively deserted, stopping by this eatery on the roadside is definitely a must, if you want to fill your stomach with a good seafood meal. You can enjoy a quick seafood lunch in one of the thatched-roof salas. Food on the menu is relatively expensive but considering that this is the only place where you can get deep fried sea cicadas and brown spiral-shaped shells, your money is well-spent. Western food is also available and served at this restaurant.

9. Kru Suwit Floating Restaurant (Laem Hin Pier)

It is a perfect example of why people say that everything floats on a boat in Phuket. It is a floating restaurant located between Phuket and Maphrao Island. One can get everything the sea offers. Try to order some blue crabs and moray eels to get a taste of real Phuket seafood.

10. Palai Seafood (Chalong)

If you want a rustic and a genuine Thai experience, you must come to Palai Seafood restaurant. They offer an endless list of Thai favorites including Spicy seafood soup, seafood salad with fresh squid and steamed sea bass. All dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients.

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