Bali is undeniably one of the world’s best tourist destinations offering a range of complete surfing, tours, and many other water adventure activities that would surely make for a memorable holiday experience for your family and friends who love adventure. This article provides comprehensive information about the ten Best Surfing Spots in Bali.

1. Uluwatu

Uluwatu is without a doubt one of the most renowned destinations in the entire Bali and is primarily visited by tourists in the afternoon. This is when visitors are afforded a rare opportunity to view the magnificent sunset with a Hindu Temple as the complementing background. Uluwatu Beach is situated deep beneath the cliff bank where there are strong and great waves, making it one of the top surfing spots on this island. In this spot, waves are incredibly powerful, rapid, and huge. To appreciate the surf adventures, surfers must utilize their best surfing skills.

Uluwatu is undoubtedly the ideal spot for many seasoned and experienced surfers to display their exceptional surfing styles and skills on extremely fast-moving waves. Hence, this top surfing spot is dominantly toured by both local and foreign pro-surfers who are looking for the right kind of waves to match their diverse surfing styles.

Best Surfing Season

Typically, the dry season is the best time for visitors to enjoy surfing at Uluwatu. This is because this surfing spot is situated at the right section of Uluwatu Temple or Bali’s Peninsula, where winds flow from the southeast region to the west, creating high waves that are ideal for surfing adventures.

2. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is a white sandy beach that stretches about 200 meters with an incredible panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. The beach is blessed with a spectacular sunset that inevitably exudes the romantic vibe that is just hard to ignore. It is additionally bestowed with huge waves that are what many surfers, from novices to professionals, would die for.

Balangan Beach is situated in the white stone region of Pecatu, a southern section of Bali Island, and the right-wing of Uluwatu Peninsula. Balangan is considered the most famous surfing spot on this Island of God and is very popular among surfing aficionados from all over the globe.

This stunning beach is perfect for relaxation on the white stone. Visitors enjoy the sea breeze and tropical atmosphere in this part of the island. It is particularly famous for its excellent surfing features making it one of the favorite surfing spots of tourists in the entire Bali Island.

Best Surfing Season

The Dry season is the best surfing season at Balangan. This is when the winds flow from the eastern side to the west, creating huge and strong waves that are perfect for surfing.

3. Kuta Reef

Kuta Reef is another famous surfing spot in Bali and is distinctly situated in the middle of the sea, fronting Kuta Beach. It is known for having enormous and powerful waves that are suitable for surfing. Kuta Beach has two spots surfers will surely be thrilled with.

At those surf spots, surfers can additionally choose their particular direction for surfing. For instance, surfers can decide to surf from the right to the left wing or left to right, often referred to as left-hander. Kuta Reef is located far away from the sea which is why surfers have to utilize the local conventional boats to access the surf spots. It is usually toured by both local and international surfers. The grade of a wave at this point is the third level, which is ideal particularly for professional surfers.

Best Surfing Season

The dry season is the ideal season to enjoy surfing adventures at Kuta Reef. This is because winds flow to the west from the southeast and create the powerful and enormous waves that are ideal for surfing during this time of year. Surfers are challenged to explore the waves and relish a great surfing adventure at the Kuta Reef.

4. Padang Padang Beach

The Padang Padang Beach is another renowned surf spot in Bali with enormous waves and the white sand beach that stretches about 100 meters from the northern part to the south. Padang Padang Beach is located on the white stone hill with impressive natural scenery. The beach faces the Indian Ocean and thus have a magnificent sunset that shows up late in the afternoon. This sunset radiates the much needed romantic nuance for surfers.

Apparently, Padang Padang surf spot is one of the highly acclaimed surf spots on this island and has turned out to be an absolute favorite for surfers who desire to explore the enormous and challenging waves. Hence, Padang Padang Beach is perfect for pro-surfers who are in for some incredible surfing adventures while on holiday in Bali.

Padang Padang Beach is barely 25-minutes drive away from the Denpasar Airport or 10-minutes drive from Jimbaran Beach. It’s similarly adjacent to other renowned surf spots, like the Suluban Beach, Uluwatu Beach, Impossible Beach, Dreamland Beach, Balangan Beach, and Bingin Beach.

Best Surfing Season

The most recommended period for surfing here is during the dry season — when the wind blows from the southeast region to the west. Padang Padang Beach is geographically positioned towards the right wing of the Bali’s peninsula, and it is here where the most powerful waves occur in a dry season.

5. Impossible Beach

This is a stunning rocky beach that boasts of big waves perfect for surfing activities, particularly for professional surfers. It’s one of the most renowned surf spots in Bali Island and is one of the most sought-after surf spots.

The name “impossible” is derived from the Beach’s unique and challenging access. Surfers find it difficult to access the beach as the waves prove to be a constant challenging hurdle. However, thanks to the development made on the beach, it is now easily accessible, offering everyone a spot to enjoy surfing the most.

The Impossible Beach is located under a white stone hill offering a striking panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. It’s blessed with enormous and powerful waves which to many surfers are difficult, yet a sweet challenge.

Best Surfing Season

Geographically, this beach is situated in the southern section of Bali Island, precisely to the right wing of Bali Peninsula. This is where surfing is perfect during the dry season. Winds tend to flow toward the west from the southeast, thus creating huge and powerful waves that are good for surfing adventures.

6. Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach is definitely a breathtaking beach that has the advantage of having a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean. It boasts of powerful waves that make this spot ideal for surfing. The waves are huge and crazy-challenging, giving local and foreign surfers an adrenaline rush every time they ride the humongous waves.

Though it is somewhat far from the parking area, and accessibility isn’t that good yet, surfers don’t miss the chance to challenge the strong waves. At Bingin Beach, waves are level five category, which means that the waves are super huge and powerful. This type of waves certainly fascinates every surfer who can’t pass up such an opportunity to test their skills with.

Best Surfing Season

The dry season is particularly ideal for surfing since winds blow from the east towards the west. The beach is located in the right section of the Bali’s Peninsula, and during this season waves are that powerful and big and, therefore, ideal for surfing opportunities.

7. Medewi Beach

This is a beautiful rocky beach located in the western part of Bali Island and is defined by the long left-hand wave – great for surfing, rolls all year round. It’s a bit far from Denpasar City but still visited by numerous travelers, both local and foreigners.

Medewi Beach is a panoramic beach with a quiet atmosphere and gentle sea breeze making it a perfect spot for relaxation. The spectacular sunset view sets the beach almost instantly in a romantic mode.

Best Surfing Season

The best time to enjoy surfing at Medewi Beach is during the dry season when winds blow to the west from the east. During this period, the wind creates a fat and big wave inviting enough for surfers to take the challenge.

8. Dreamland Beach

This is a gorgeous beach with white sand that stretches 100 meters long and leans on a steep white stone cliff that overlooks the inspiringly beautiful the Indian Ocean. Both tourists and surfers find this spot appealing with its tranquil ambiance and magnificent sunset view.

The Dreamland Beach is perfectly positioned in the strategic region of Pecatu Graha, the vast area of hotels, luxurious residences, world-class golf course, villas, water fun games, and many more. These modern and upscale facilities ultimately make the Dreamland Beach increasingly popular.

Best Surfing Season

The most recommended period for surfing at this spot is during the dry season—when the wind tends to blow from the southeast region to the west.

9. Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach has impressive waves that are sure to challenge both pro-surfers and beginners. Waves are forceful, and that magnetize surfers to come to this spot. Suluban Beach is blessed with a stunning view of the spectacular sunset that shows up late in the afternoon, setting a romantic atmosphere for surfers. It’s mainly visited by surfers who desire an opportunity to test their skills against the amazing yet challenging waves present from April to August.

Best Surfing Season

The best time for surfing at Suluban Beach is during the dry season when winds blow to the west from the east.

10. Nusa Dua Surfing

The surfers typically face high waves up to 12 feet at Nusa Dua. Many surfers often hire a canoe to access this surf spot. Others choose to paddle out their way to the surf spot.

Nusa Dua is often favored than other surfing spots because of easy access. During the wet season, winds blow to both sides and offshore in this particular place.

Best Surfing Season

During the dry season, trade wind blows dead and hence surfers are advised to surf during mid to high tide to gain maximum conditions for surfing. Additionally, at various tide levels, the peaks in Nusa Dua are hidden and hardly visible.  Surfers are encouraged to hone their Bali Surf Lessons if they plan on going to Nusa Dua for surfing activities.