ver the years Koh Samui, an island off the east coast of Thailand, has become a very popular tourist destination for several different reasons. Koh Samui prides itself to have beautiful sandy beaches, coral reefs, and coconut trees which all provide a perfect holiday setting for travelers. Another obvious reason is that the island has a good number of beachside restaurants catering to visitors craving for delicious and authentic local recipes and specialties either from the chic beachside cafe & restaurants or luxury restaurants with amazing views. Here is a list of five great restaurants you should not miss when visiting Koh Samui.

Had Bang Po Seafood Restaurant

Had Bang Po Seafood is located on the ring road, just past Maenam. While on tour around the island, you can stop at this restaurant for a taste of their delectable seafood menu choices if you are staying on the northern or eastern side of Koh Samui. Surrounded by beach, sea, and blue skies of Maenam, the restaurant exudes a secluded and private ambiance. Aside from excellent local seafood delicacies, Had Bang Po Seafood Restaurant, a family-run business boasts of very efficient and professional staff who are ever ready to attend to your every need. Good, delicious seafood need not be overly pricey, and this is another reason why the restaurant is packed with people all the time. A family of four members can enjoy a great meal for just under $25.

Sa Bieng Lae Seafood Restaurant

Located in Mared Sub-district, this is another beachside seafood restaurant that offers both fresh seafood and a relaxing view of nature’s beauty surrounding it. Additionally, the famous Hin Ta-Hin Yai landmark is found about 100 meters away from the restaurant, making it a plus for the restaurant. Sa Bieng Lae has been in business for over ten years, and many of its customers are returning visitors who never want to pass up an opportunity to sample new recipes and enjoy old food favorites at the restaurant. On the menu, you can find many different types of seafood dishes including some very rare, traditional southern delicacies, absolutely unrivaled anywhere else. The restaurant staff highly recommends their famous coconut milk soup with pieces of crab and the local oysters dish that is expected to become your favorite as well.

Krua Chao Baan Restaurant

This local seafood food outlet is found just south of Lamai, on Samui’s ring road, a location that provides magnificent views of the sea. This large beachside seafood restaurant is divided into two sections – one with a rustic, traditional ambiance with wooden furniture, and the other with a more modern, elegant design with rattan furniture and more colors.
On the menu, you can find many traditional Thai dishes. In addition, they also serve western breakfast in case you crave for something familiar. Restaurant’s highlight dishes include steamed whole fish in lemon juice and hot chilies, and whole barbecue fish.

Ging Pagarang Restaurant

Situated at Thong Tanote, Ging Pagarang is another must-visit beachside restaurant at Koh Samui. It is considered as one of the best places to sample authentic Samui-style seafood fare. This small, family-run restaurant offers a pleasant, private atmosphere with stunning views of the surrounding beach and sea. The food menu is also available in English to cater to foreign guests. Popular dishes you should try include prawns with lemon grass, sea algae salad with crab and fried dried octopus with coconut.

Little Boat Seafood

Conveniently located on Chaweng Beach Road, Little Boat is a perfect place for either a good, real meal or just a light snack after a long day at the beach. It is a small and cozy diner with a very friendly staff. Little Boat offers a wide range of dishes ranging from seafood to Thai local recipes and Western favorites, giving customers many options. Not only is the food delicious but it’s also easy in the pocket. Some of the favorites on the menu include yellow curry, deep fried fish, fried rice and chicken cashew served with cold beer.

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