When traveling to a tropical destination, one of the top considerations is what clothes or outfits you need to bring along. If you’re going to a tropical paradise, don’t forget to bring suitable outfits or light fabric clothes as they can quickly to dry. This is important because you are bound to engage in innumerable water-related fun activities. Swimsuits or swimwear are definitely included in your to-bring list. But when you are not on the beach and doing other activities, what would you wear?

Here are tips on what to wear when in Samui applicable to both men and women. A little heads up though – topless sunbathing is taboo in Thailand, so sorry guys!

For Women

Women are allowed to wear their favorite bikinis on the beach – take note of that. But once you get out of the water and not swimming, it’s important that you are wearing something that would cover your sexy swimming outfit. A Sarong (tube skirt with thin fabric) would come in handy – it will cover the lower part of your body. You may also bring and wear an oversized scarf or pashmina for the same purpose.
For an everyday outfit, avoid wearing thick clothes such as jackets, jeans, and suits because they are hard to dry, hot to wear and not suitable for the weather.

Do pack a lot of shorts (mid-range short pants are recommended) for a day trip such as temple tours. Otherwise, a maxi dress is also a great option for ladies who love to blend into the beach’s beautiful surrounding.

For men

Men have it a lot easier than women because men can wear their swimming outfit off the beach area, as long as it is not the bikini type.

Being shirtless on the street is not illegal, so it’s not uncommon to see them in Samui. And it has nothing to do with fashion – it’s more to do with the weather.

However, if you decide to go on a tour to visit the temples, dressing appropriately is required – no shirtless and wear pants with the proper length.

For the everyday outfit, a t-shirt and short pants, or anything similar to that is acceptable as long as the fabric is light.


The fewer clothes you pack, the more space you can allocate for shopping. Garment products in Thailand are extremely cheap and are of excellent quality. So always make sure you have enough room in your luggage.

Toiletries should not pose any problem because they are usually part of the accommodation package. However, you can always buy one at convenience stores.

Some hotels and resorts might lend their guests umbrella, beach bag, and beach towels. Otherwise, you can easily find these products at the night market on the island.

So there! Hope these tips help you with packing the appropriate and suitable clothes when planning for a vacation in Koh Samui.