Koh Samui offers innumerable things that everyone and anyone will surely love and remember but if you are not very familiar with this enchanting island, we have listed ten reasons why you would love Samui Island.

1. Tropical Paradise

Koh Samui is an island in the South of Thailand. This islet is located in the east coast of Thailand in the Gulf of Siam. It is the third biggest island in the country, but it still manages to maintain a tropical charm that a huge islet such Phuket cannot do. Samui has everything to offer – from well-appointed accommodations to its vibrant nightlife attractions. Samui offers an enchanting tropical life any place you go in this beautiful island.

2. White Pristine Beach

Chaweng Beach, a popular beach on this island features a wide strip of white sand beach where you can enjoy all kinds of beach and water activities. Other beaches on the island are likely to have the same or even better than what Chaweng can offer. The bonus feature of Samui Beach is that most of them are very secluded yet they offer every imaginable facility guests would need.

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3. Wide Range of Attraction

Koh Samui doesn’t only exude a natural tropical beauty, but it also provides various kinds of attractions and interesting places for you to enjoy. Whether it is a cultural site, shopping venues, viewpoints or a fun nightlife attraction, you can find them all in Samui. Samui landmarks such as Big Buddha and the Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks are unique attractions that continue to magnet travelers from all parts of the globe.

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4. Romantic Destination

If you ask where the most romantic place in Thailand is; Koh Samui usually tops the list. At the very least, Samui is one of the top rankers on the list. With its desirable location, warm weather, and blue sky, this charming island is sure to win the heart of many couples planning to have their wedding or honeymoon on this beautiful island.

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5. Easy Access

Samui Island sits in the Gulf of Thailand, off Surat Thani coast. However, Koh Samui can still offer convenient transport services for every traveler. The island has an airport on the island where it has plenty of daily flights both domestic and international ones. For those who would like to experience the ocean, there is a ferry service that operates daily from Surat Thani province to Samui.

6. Near Diving Capital of Thailand

Koh Samui has shared the same ocean with one of the best diving spots in the world – Koh Tao. This small pristine island possesses an abundance of coral reefs and sea creatures with clear visibility, suitable for diving almost all year round. And Koh Samui is the closest island that serves as a ferry hub between the islets nearby and the mainland.

7. Calm Sea

Due to its excellent location and with Angthong Marine Park serving as a shelter to the island, Samui’s sea is calm almost throughout the year. Even during the rainy season, beachgoers can still enjoy a swim in the ocean. Samui’s beaches usually have a wide strip of sand and calm sea, perfect for a soothing swim and other beach activities.

8. Well-Equipped with All Kinds of Accommodation

There is an insanely wide range of accommodation in Samui. You can easily find a low-budget accommodation such as a hostel or a guest house in Chaweng Beach or in Maenam Beach while the midrange to upper-class accommodations are found in Chaweng, Bophut, Taling Ngam and Lamai and the list goes on and on.

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9. Standard Malls

Samui is not as big as Phuket, but the island manages to have two standard malls fitted with an industrial air-conditioning system. When the need to escape the tropical heat in summer arises, the two malls come in handy. They also have an extensive range of products, services and food outlets, both the well-known international brand names and the local ones.

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10. All Week Flea Market

This island of coconut has plenty of shopping venues and options for travelers to choose from. More particularly, Samui is the hub of street shopping in Thailand. Flea markets are popular in Samui, and these shopping venues offering fun on the different days of the week are limitless. For example, the Sunday Walking Street on in The Fisherman Village in Bophut area is the most famous one. Otherwise,  try the Chaweng shopping street where the stalls operate daily.

There are more to love about this island. All you need to do is pack your things and enjoy the experience yourself!

Image sources: kohsamuivillalavanya.com