Koh Samui’s range of nature activities is not just broad but extremely amazing because the island boasts a perfect mix of breathtaking natural and awe-inspiring artificial attractions. You can enjoy the scenic views of Hin Ta and Hin Yai rugged rocks, the numerous waterfalls, the idly stroll on the island’s beautiful beaches, and sea kayaking at the Ang Thong National Park. You can also explore the island by boat, meditate at the Secret Buddha Garden, or visit the Samui Butterfly Garden. Truly, there are a thousand and one things you can do in Samui. Below are Koh Samui’s top nature activities you can take advantage of when you visit this fantastic tourist destination.

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1. Stroll on the Beach

Koh Samui has a golden string of world-class beaches defined by pristine sands and crystalline waters. Set with the full moon’s soft light, the beach provides a turf for the world’s wildest parties. Flanked by coconut trees on one side and hugged by the splendid Gulf of Thailand on the other, Koh Samui boasts of numerous pristine shores. Most of Samui’s beaches have a wide strip of beautiful white sand, perfect for a leisurely beach stroll or a morning jog. On top of that, everything you need even while you are near the sea is easily accessible – from relaxing massages, hair experts and beauticians, sarongs, to barbecued chicken and other Thai delicacies. Here you can mingle with denizens, chill out or take a nap.

2. Sea Kayak in Angthong National Park

Get to Nathon Pier and leave Samui in a private and fully-equipped boat where you can take meals onboard. You can explore the swaths of waters as you head off to Ang Thong Marine National Park. From there, kick off your kayaking skills on early mornings and go to the golden Koh Mae Ko shoreline. Alternatively, you may want to land the kayak on the coastline and venture in a simple climb to an impressive view. You cross a labyrinthine tropical forest to narrow ravines that peter out at Talay Nai and Green Lagoon and enjoy panoramic island viewpoints. Once you descend, you can board a boat to cruise across the spectacular landscape of the park as you munch your delicious lunch buffet. Further at Tai Plao Island at the northern tip of the park, tour guides will shepherd you to survey the medieval limestone caves and peculiar tectonic rock structures neighboring the coast as you kayak. You can also sunbathe on white sandy beaches or do a little snorkeling to discover the diverse marine flora and fauna before your return to Koh Samui.

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3. Fishing Game

Avid adventurists will be intrigued by the Big Game Fishing expedition Samui offers. Join experienced captains and crew to help you burrow into naturally endowed waters surrounding Samui and the underwater where the big game occurs. Live baits, favorable atmosphere, and onboard lunch guarantee a good fishing experience. The big Game Fishing excursion is prolific in Koh Samui and requires fishing in the southern region of the island. It takes a few hours to reach the Pier where you can have the best fishing game experience. The most popular catches include Barracuda, Trevally, Mackeral, Grouper, Cobia, Sailfish and Shark

4. Explore the National Park by Boat

Take in the splendor and exotic characteristics of the Gulf of Thailand. While kayaking you can have your breakfast and lunch and enjoy watching the grand scenery, skip the incredibly rich shoreline and discover a verdant, green saline lake. Ao Ka Bay is the last leg of your voyage, and the perfect white sand seashore provides you with a relaxation haven. There are many travel agents offering excursion trips either a full day or a half-day trip. You can find these tours at the tour desk at your accommodation or along the street in your area. If you treasure your privacy while on holiday, a private boat tour can always be arranged.

5. Safari Trekking

Join Samui’s full day jungle adventure with an impeccable mix of activities. Safari Trekking allows you to really experience an adventure-filled day in Samui. You can enjoy elephant trekking tour – where a calf elephant show, a scenic waterfall and an odd mummy of a Buddhist monk intact in a meditation posture are included in the tour. This tour is suitable for those who want to change a scenario from the blue ocean to the hilltop mountain. Peer over far-flung stunning mountains and marvel at the sprawling beauty of Samui before heading to a lush garden that offers sophisticated panorama. Savor delectable Thai lunch and later visit locals and see their unique and amazing skills in making rubber. Lastly, watch the captivating Big Buddha.

6. Get in Touch of the Spiritual Side at the Secret Buddha Garden

The Secret Buddha Garden is found recessed in Koh Samui’s hills, providing striking views and a matchless repertoire of impressive statues nestled in a lush jungle ecosystem. The statues symbolize a slew of animals, humans in different poses such as the Khun Nim in a stress-free posture perched on a rock and deities. Secret Buddha Garden is entrenched on top of Tar Nim Waterfall peak. Views caught from the garden are amazing, and the road connecting you to the garden teems with beauteous island scenes. The hilltop-sitting garden overlooks Ring Road (Route 4169), so you can approach it from Air Force Road joining Ta Nim Waterfall.

7. Refresh at the Waterfall

Na Muang Waterfalls unveils a stream of twin cascades that diversify the island’s beauty. Hidden interiorly roughly 12 km southeast of Nathon Bay, the waterfalls can be accessed by trudging a path stretching from the park’s entrance. One of Na Muang’s waterfall currents funnels into a purely natural reservoir that infuses the surroundings with a cooling effect. Climb further for about half hour and get to the smaller but compellingly appealing second Na Muang fall. Also known as Purple waterfalls, their water flows against delicate seams of rocks with purple hues. Located in a stretched lush jungle carpet, Na Muang Waterfalls can be accessed from the ring road (Route 4169), about midway from Nathon to Lamai Beach. The best time to visit the waterfalls is after the end of the rainy season and at the beginning of the cool season. During summer time, the waterfalls will not have enough water for you to enjoy while during the rainy season it will be too dangerous because of a possible flash flood.

8. Visit the Samui Butterfly Garden

Also known as Na Tian Butterfly Garden, Samui Butterfly Garden overlooks Centara Villa Samui located in Natien. On the southern end of the island, multitudes of enthralling butterflies carve out a kaleidoscope spectrum of beautiful colors. Bug lovers can equally enjoy a visit to the Insect Museum and a bee facility. The eye-catching landscaped garden offers a plethora of vibrant tropical flowers alongside multi-hued butterflies, offering perfect shots for the shutterbugs. The garden is located in Natien Beach off Centara Villas Samui in the southern part of Koh Samui Island.

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