Bathroom features may not seem to be a big deal to some, but for many holidaymakers, these are deciding factors when choosing their accommodations. Like many holidaymakers, when you want to escape from the daily and boring routine of your city life, going on holiday is an option you readily consider. This is the time you might want to try something new and different, maybe more luxurious, or exotic – something or anything that it is not like what you have back in your place. You may end up staying in an exclusive resort or in a private villa. That may not be anything near or like your home. But what about the bathroom facilities? Are they the regular bathroom design with ordinary bathroom fixtures? Or are they spectacular and extravagant enough to blow your mind?

To help you make a smart decision on your next accommodation choice, here is a list of exclusive villas in Koh Samui with stunning and breathtaking outdoor bathroom features that will surely leave you speechless.

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1. Villa Lotus

Set in the area of Maenam on Samui Island, 5-bedroom villa Lotus is a villa with the spacious living area facing the beach. Apart from having modern facilities such as a gym, a pool table, swimming pool and a massage room, this grand villa offers a sexy bathing experience.

A huge outdoor bathtub is set in the middle of the secluded outdoor space connected to the main bathroom by a glass wall. This makes for a special place for couples to spend time and enjoy relaxing together. However, if you want a little privacy while soaking in the tub, you can just roll down the curtain, and you’re all to yourself.

2. Villa Kinaree

Villa Kinaree is situated in the lively area of Bophut in Koh Samui. This hillside property boasts a stunning view of the island and the mesmerizing Gulf of Thailand. Besides its high-end facilities such as an infinity pool, BBQ grill, and Jacuzzi, this 5-bedroom villa Kinaree features an alfresco shower area for an exotic shower experience.

Imagine yourself walking into the rainforest and suddenly the rain pours. This experience is replicated by the marvelous bathroom at Villa Kinaree.  The outdoor shower area was designed to mimic the look of a forest with various plants and vines surrounding you during the water drops from the rainshower head, imitating real rain drops from the sky. Nothing can beat this nature-like experience in a luxurious surrounding.

3. Villa Kilee

Sitting on a beachfront area in Lipa Noi, Villa Kilee boasts a lovely view of the sunset and the distant but famous five islands. This 6-bedroom property offers superb facilities including a sizable pool, kid’s pool and a chic swim-up bar with cinema projector. Aside from excellent and modern amenities, guests can enjoy lavish bathroom experience from the glass-walled bathroom with oversized bathtub to the outdoor zen-inspired bathing area. This outdoor soaking space allows you to be oblivious of time while soaking in the tub that blends perfectly with nature and the lush environs. It does not only allow you to unwind and de-stress, but it also provides you with the perfect setting for a romantic and intimate moment with your special someone.

4. Villa Mia

Villa Mia is a beachfront property that sits not too far from Chaweng, but can still offer a sense of seclusion to its guests. This 5-bedroom villa boasts a clean yet elegant design inspired by and with a touch of royalty. Villa Mia features a stylish pool facing the beach with a sunken Sala as the villa’s centerpiece. Other than its exceptional facilities such as a private fully-equipped gym, hot tubs, and beachside sala, this high-end property also offers a charming outdoor soaking area. At first glance, this alfresco bath gives you that sense or feeling of having entered into a lost world surrounded by sandstone castles. With its elevated floor that lifted the tub, it exudes a royalty feeling or vibe. The sandstone sculpture and other elegant decors also compliment the enchanting ambiance.

5. Villa Praana

Set atop the hill in the chic neighborhood of Bophut area, Villa Praana is an ultra-luxury villa in Koh Samui. This 6-bedroom villa Praana offers over-the-top facilities and amenities – from a private tennis court, boxing ring to a nightclub. This villa just happens to have them all. Aside from the out-of-this-world facilities, Villa Praana also features an outdoor bathing area fitted with a bathtub and a hot tub on a deck overlooking the ocean. This outdoor area offers plenty of space for you and your loved one to enjoy special moments together.

6. Villa The View

Nestled on the hillside in Taling Ngam area, Villa The View boasts a dazzling view of the scenic Gulf of Thailand. This 5-bedroom villa features sophisticated modern facilities. The elevated setting of the villa serves as the property’s highlight, making for a perfect postcard picture of your dream holiday in Thailand. One of the many amazing amenities of Villa The View is the outdoor bathing area. This is something you simply cannot afford to miss.

The alfresco washroom features a sunken hot tub that sits amidst nature separated from the outside world with a glass wall. While soaking in the tub, you can hear the sound of water running from the artificial waterfall, creating a peaceful atmosphere for everyone.

7. Villa Sangsuri 3

Set in Choeng Mon district in Koh Samui, Villa Sangsuri 3 features a tropical Balinese-style villa with five well-appointed suites. This beachfront villa boasts a set of exceptional facilities – from the infinity swimming pool, a poolside sala to the convenient BBQ grill. But the highlight of this magnificent villa centers on the semi-open air bathroom featuring a Jacuzzi tub and wooden windows that open to let the outside world in. It is a perfect place for unwinding and relaxation.