Nothing completes the beach vacation scene better than relaxing with a cold fruity drink or a frozen cocktail. However, ordering the right drink in a foreign land like Bali might prove challenging and at times embarrassing. It is not unusual to see revelers eyeing the thirst-quenchers that other merrymakers have and trying to figure what is in the drinks. If you are relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Bali and you do not know what drink to order, the following are the ten best beach drinks to enjoy in Bali.

Classic Pina Colada

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You have never been in Bali if you have not tried the highly famed Classical Pina Colada. It is a simple ‘to make’ drink comprising of coconut cream, pineapple juice and rum blended with lime and ice. The refreshment offers the perfect way of unwinding and savoring the magnificent long sandy beaches of Bali.

The Kopyor

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The Kopyor, a variant of the traditional coconut is a highly refreshing and nutritious drink. The distinguishing feature between the coconut and the Kopyor is that the meat of the coconut is attached its shell in a stable manner. The Kopyor meat is loose and spongier and its juice is also tastier than coconut. A person can enjoy the Kopyor both as a drink or use it as dessert.

Tamarillo Mojito

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It is a perfect refreshment to accompany a day at the beach. It consists of mint leaves, soda water, lime wedges, rum and tamarillo. To make the drink, first put the lime wedges and brown sugar in a glass and squish it to extract lime juice. Next, place the mint leaves in the palm of the hand and gently tap it with the other hand to release the mint aroma. Once the aroma comes out, gently rub the leaves around the glass rim and eventually drop it into the bottom of the glass into the lime juice. Finally, add the crushed ice, soda water and tamarillo to flavor the drink.

Coconut Water Cocktail

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If you are looking for a chic way to unwind on a hot Bali night, try the coconut water cocktail. After all, coconuts are available in Bali in large supplies. Due to its high potassium content, many bartenders embrace the coconut water as a healthy alternative to coconut milk and cream for making cocktails. With the coconut water, a bartender can come up with various cocktail mixes to calm down the high tropical temperatures.

Mai Tai

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Mai Tai is a Tahitian phrase implying ‘good’ or ‘The best out of this world’. It is an alcoholic drink that perfectly describes the Bali beach vacation. It consists of lime juice, dark rum, orange curacao, and Orgeat syrup. For garnish, the bartender can use a paper umbrella, lime peel, or a pineapple spear, and serve it in a highball glass.

Tropical Watermelon Juice

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Whichever part you go to in Bali, you will find people with fruits or drinks in their hands. One of the most common fruits is the tropical watermelon, which many modern establishments blend to make watermelon juice. The delicious melon smoothie is a cool and fun way to enjoy the warm beach setup.

Iced Cendol

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Iced Cendol is a beverage made by mixing rice flour, coconut milk, palm sugar, shaved ice and green jelly or green food colors from the pandan leaf. It is a regular sight on Southeast Asia and just like many foodstuffs in Bali; vendors sell it in the streets.

Rujak Pelalah

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The Rujak Pelalah is a refreshing swill that bartenders create using cranberry juice, fresh lemon juice, Bulleit bourbon, whisky, homemade spiced syrup, horseradish and tamarillo. To give it a classy presentable touch it has a pineapple or lemon wedges as garnish. The drink is a brilliant cocktail for beating the Bali heat.

Bali Banana Date Smoothie

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It is a delicious banana smoothie guaranteed to blow you away. It is a novel combination of blended bananas, Greek yogurt, honey, cinnamon, dates and ice. It is a refreshing and tasty mixture ideal for drinking on humid days.

Teh Panas

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It is a stimulating local tea served hot, black and with a lot of sugar. Depending on the drinker’s tastes and preferences, the tea can have spices and additions infused into it. Some of the traditional spices used to give the tea a unique taste includes cinnamon and ginger.

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