Bali, undoubtedly, is heaven on earth. Guaranteed to provide you memories for a lifetime with its unique cultural offerings, it has always remained a favourite travel destination. But what some people do not know is that Bali is also home to some beautiful cafes with great décor and food to satisfy your dire need of some café chill. Here are 15 Most Unique Cafes in Bali that you ought to check out!

Bella Vista Coffee & Juice Bar (Location-Legian)

Bella Vista is primarily a coffee shop with a juice bar and offers authentic Balinese, European and Australian flavours. Located in the Legian area of Bali, the café serves organic freshly prepared whole foods and has an extensive menu featuring breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks to munch on. The coffee is divine and made from freshly roasted and ground local coffee beans. You can relax with fresh slowly squeezed juices to cure a hangover, to calm an upset tummy, or to simply fight stress. You can also choose from smoothies, iced coffee, iced tea or milkshakes. Breakfast includes yoghurt, fruits, pancakes with syrup and Bella stack, its signature dish featuring poached eggs, mushrooms, tomato, spinach and hollandaise sauce.

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Angelita Tea Salon & Patisserie (Location-Kerobokan)

An excellent way to spend the afternoon is by visiting Angelita Patisserie, which is a French Patisserie, tea salon and bakery offering a wide menu of breakfast, entrée, light bites, soups, beverages, and mains. The breakfast menu includes Eggs Benedict, pancakes, sandwiches and much more. Pick your favourite from a wide variety of teas, snacks like chicken wings or tempura, soups like the mushroom, tomato and much more. You can opt for the main course as well which includes Nasi Goreng, Born Pork Ribs, Chili Prawns and Stuffed Chicken.

Kebun Bistro (Location -Ubud)

The bistro, with a French theme, offers fine wine, freshly baked bread, and artisan foods in a cozy environment. It also serves breakfast, lunch, tapas, desserts and dinner. The ambience is quiet and picturesque, and the place is truly a hidden gem in Bali.

Livingstone Café & Bakery (Location-Kerobokan)

If you want to try quirky desserts like watermelon bread (slices of bread which resemble watermelon.. remarkable isn’t it?) and fruit coffees like avocado, banana, and strawberry coffees, then Livingstone Cafe & Bakery is a must-visit.

Sea Circus (Location-Seminyak)

With bright colours and psychedelic designs as a part of its décor, Sea Circus is a restaurant, bar, and café which truly stands out. You can click amazing memories with unique backgrounds and relish a wholesome breakfast with well-made coffees, tapas, and delightful cocktails. They have great selection of wine for those wine aficionados.

La Laguna (Location-Mengwi)

For those passionate about wildlife, La Laguna offers a unique petting zoo with geese, ducks, and peacocks on a sandy stretch. With nature being the predominant theme, La Laguna attempts to recreate the carefree gypsy life with a rustic décor comprising of a wooden bridge, a wooden tree, and a magnificent carriage. You can munch on light snacks like croquettes or binge on a complete main course complete with exotic drinks and long island tea.

Nook Bali (Location-Kuta Utara)

Nook Bali attempts to befriend greenery with its never ending view of green fields though its sheer see-through white curtains and relaxed open benches to sit on. The breezy and tranquil ambience is great for the soul. The food is influenced by a fusion of local and western cuisine, so you can grab a hamburger, binge on pasta or enjoy the local Nasi Campur (a vegetable local dish with sweet flavours). Finish your meal by choosing a sweet delight from the dessert menu.

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La Favela (Location-Seminyak)

With mother nature creeping through a colonial abandoned building backdrop, La Favela is hidden and not easy to discover. The décor is almost reminiscent of the good old days with antique typewriters, vintage cars, and bikes spread around the café.

Café Pomegranate (Location-Ubud)

Started by a pair of Japanese Brothers, Café Pomegranate offers a panoramic view of paddy fields gently swaying as gentle breeze passes through it. As streetlights do not illuminate the place, you need to carry flashlights. At night, one can see the village houses lit at a distance. The menu is complete with light juices, pizza, salads, dips, noodles, light Japanese, Chinese meals, and desserts.

Grocer & Grind (Location-Seminyak)

The café and restaurant feature minimalistic interiors with colourful wallpaper and tasteful designs. It offers fresh, aromatic coffee with power packed complete breakfast. Along with lunch and dinner featuring dishes like lamb wraps, salmon pancakes, etc. The menu also has pizzas and a wide variety of sundaes. A dedicated drink menu with a range of cocktails is sure to entice you.

Sisterfields Café (Location-Kerobokan)

Slurp yummy smoothies, bite into fresh, crunchy salads, enjoy good old coffee with charcoal buns at Sisterfields. The setting is bright and airy here. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

La Plancha (Location-Seminyak)

Savor authentic Spanish cuisine while at the beachside at this divine café. The Bali vacation is incomplete without the surf and sand, and this place attempts to complete that for you. The café also has a magical rooftop bar.

The Junction Restaurant (Location-Seminyak)

The monochrome all-white theme at this place is a visual treat. With the walls lined with an array of jars with stones, sand and spices, you cannot help but be captivated by the idea. Even the toilets have clever designs with rolls of toilet paper stacked across the entire wall.

Single Fin (Location-Uluwatu)

Single Fin is acafé, bar and surf shop. For a grand unobstructed view of the ocean, Single Fin is the perfect to be. The menu is minimalistic with tacos, pizza and drinks to highlight the majestic Indian Ocean. Weekends are the best time to check this place out, as the place hires DJs and acoustic musicians to entertain you.

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The Bistrot (Location-Seminyak)

The décor is built with intricate brick walls that are bare, comfy sofa, vintage pieces like televisions sets and sewing machines. The simple wooden board at the entrance attempts to recreate the years bygone when shops and cafes had wooden signs. Do check out the well-stocked bar upstairs and magnificent chandeliers dangling from the ceiling.