A mix of Nepal, Philippines and Thailand designs, Villa Kalipay, gives a touch of magnificent attraction and provides visitors with a lifelong experience. Its interior features handcrafted furniture and luxurious rooms for travelers with an exceptional taste of luxury alongside pristine marble floors and glass walled master bedrooms that provide visitors with a clear view of the Andaman Sea.


Villa Kalipay provides with the best holiday options for all. These options are made possible through the excellent facilities that are available within the villa that include a fitness center where guests enjoy various workout programs at the hands of experienced trainers. After a long day, you also get a chance to enjoy massage services from the villa’s massage room. Guests are also provided with high-speed internet which makes communication easier and an opportunity to enjoy working holidays. There are two car park slots available for guests for adequate space for groups and families to have their cars in a safe and convenient location as they enjoy at the villa.

Exceptional Service

Taking time to holiday at this villa is made better by the range of services available. They include among others the services of a private chef who is always on hand to take orders and prepare meals as per the guests’ requirements. To ensure the room remains tidy and there is assistance at every hour, maids and daily housekeeping services are available. These are tailored for individual needs to determine the numbers required by the guest at a given instance. Guests who wish to take a stroll on the outside of the villa can use the available car hire service which also comes in handy for those who have to attend events and business engagements at the time of stay. In house spa treatment is also available on request and in such way providing with the best experience without the need to roam seeking for the services elsewhere.

Things To Do Inside and Outside the Villa

A stay at the villa is made more enjoyable by the full range of activities available. Guests get to enjoy special workout session at the gym, swimming, yoga, and other recreational pool games can also be played at the pool.

For those not willing to spend the day in the villa, there are many outdoor activities to seek out. They include golfing from the courses nearby, taking a cruise in the sea and exploring the surrounding islands by reserving a yacht or taking a walk or biking through the woodlands surrounding the villa.

Villa Location

Villa Kalipay offers the perfect location to enjoy the best of Phuket. Being far enough to offer calmness required for relaxation, it is close enough to everything that may be required. Being only a 25 minute drive from the airport, it makes it easy to reach or leave when the holiday is over. Gifts from Phuket for the loved ones can be accessed easily from the shopping mall only 20 minutes drive from the villa. A drive of only 25 minutes gets the guest to the beach for an opportunity to enjoy a cruising trip or enjoy the beaches.

Good Food

Guests enjoy a broad range of cuisines. An opportunity to place an order for a particular dish is readily served in different settings including outdoor and balcony experiences to enjoy the passing cool breeze.

While taste and preferences vary between persons, comfort and other benefits are important considerations while choosing a perfect destination. Villa Kalipay offers a mix of all qualities that any luxury holidaymaker would love. And it is made better by the tailored packages that fit perfectly to individual requirements. Simply the best for those who love the best.