Holiday luxury is not complete without a visit to Villa Amber in Pintai Lima, Bali. It is situated close to the beach in Bali’s South. While you get away from the bustling city life, you are never too far away from reach. As you set foot, you will be greeted by the neatly manicured surroundings which are 45 meters away from the beach.

There are two interconnected pools outside the Villa, which give you a 360-degree view of the sea. It consists of 10 bedrooms and 2 living rooms open to the fresh breeze, making your holiday enjoyable.

Villa architecture

The furniture and fittings of the villa offer unprecedented comfort. While there are five fabulous guest rooms with varying designs, interior décor, and finishing; a personalized taste and design with each room boasting of en-suite bathroom are available. You will have access to all these via French doors that are easy to open. The outdoor architecture includes extensive gardens that spread across to the beach.


There are 17 professional members of staff at the villa. They include villa managers, butlers, chefs, junior butlers, housekeepers, maintenance staffs, and assistants to guarantee expert service round the clock. These professionals offer the utmost service to ensure that you are not only comfortable but also entertained. And let a chauffeur drive you in one of the villa’s vehicles at no extra cost.


There is an ample car parking area for visitors using their cars. As the temperatures are occasionally high, make the most use of an air conditioning system. Outdoor facilities include a private beach, dining area, sunbed, garage, beachfront, and pool. Inside the Villa Amber are communication and entertainment facilities such as DVD players, music system, iPod Station, telephone, radio, computer, fax machine, and video projector among others.


Inside the villa, guests can relax and have fun at the swimming pools, library and television screen. There is more fun outside, as beach areas dot the neighborhood. Canggu, for example, is a beach with black/dark gray sand. Enjoy walking or riding along the seashore. The area is surrounded by rich rice fields that provide the staple food for locals and tourists alike. Apart from the beaches, you can visit one of the many temples with rich history, culture, and tradition. Other outdoor activities include horse riding, golf, surfing, therapy spa, and sunset watching.

Villa’s location

Bali is an island and a province of the country Indonesia. The capital of the province is Denpasar, a southern town. Sitting on a 2,000 square acre land plot not too far from the capital is Villa Amber. It is easily one of the most impressive villas on the entire island. You can access it via the Ngurah Rai International Airport at the southern tip. Alternatively, enter the villa from the coastal road that circles the island. The neighborhood has plenty of ATMs, banks, shopping, health centers, and other important amenities.

Food and Drink

There are three professional chefs at any time in the villa. They expertly prepare Indonesian, Western, and Asian delicacies. As you can expect, the cuisine on this island includes lots of seafood. You will also find mouthwatering Thai dishes, steak burgers, European lobsters, sesame buns, Australian Wagyu, triple-cooked fries, and many more foods. Additionally, sample the different beers, spirits, and wines from various world breweries. No matter your budget, food and drinks at the featured Bali Villa are affordable. You can also talk to the chefs and let them prepare your special personal treat.

To wrap it up, you will enjoy unprecedented comfort, tranquility, and privacy while staying at this villa than staying at a hotel. After all, hotels do not provide the personal touch that you deserve. It is especially true when you are holidaying with your family or a team of many people.

Unlike hotels and resorts, villas give you exclusive space inside the bedrooms, dining areas, pools, and other facilities. There are not too many people, which means you preserve your privacy. For this reason, the services offered are worth the price. At the same time, you have access to the villa’s vehicles whenever you want to go shopping or have a leisurely ride around the island.