Thailand’s second largest island, Koh Samui is home to the iconic and one-of-a-kind Bar ice. The Bar Ice is a -7° ice bar and is the only one of its kind set in a tropical island. As an ice bar, its interior features, furniture pieces are sculpted out of ice. The walls of the bar are also sculpted from ice, and so are the glasses that drinks are served in. The inside of the bar has a cool temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from ice sculpted furniture and glasses the inside of the bar also features a plethora of sculpted ice decorations including a tuk-tuk, a geisha, an ice throne and a dragon.

Outside the bar are a beautiful tropical garden and an air-conditioned lounge bar. Opened in 2008, the Bar Ice has entertained an estimated 200, 000 guests since it opened its doors. The bar is divided into three sections, the outer tropical garden, the air-conditioned lounge bar, and the bar ice. Guests wishing to enjoy one of Bar Ice’s signature 30 flavored vodka get hats and gloves to help them cope with the chilly temperature inside the bar. All guests are required to wear a hat and gloves when entering the bar. Guests are also supplied with winter ponchos and flip-flops that they can wear while inside. Thus, the bar’s dress code is a black winter poncho, white hat and gloves, and flip-flops. The hats and gloves are offered for free. However, guests have the option to purchase the hats or gloves from the gift shop as souvenirs.

Bar Ice serves an exciting selection of cocktails including the Bangkok Blaster and Brian the Ladyboy. The cocktails are not served in ice glasses. Apart from cocktails, the bar also serves beer. Thus, it is an ideal party spot for tourists who want to explore Koh Samui’s unique nightlife. As one of the area’s favorite party places, the bar hosts weekly beer pong tournaments.

Bar Ice is located in Chaweng, a town in the South-East of Koh Samui. Thus, the bar is in proximity to Chaweng beach. With its pristine off-white sand beaches, Chaweng is a favorite destination for many tourists for its vibrant nightlife.

Due to the bar’s dress code, it has become an ideal tourist spot for people seeking a fun and unique bar to experience nightlife in the island. Apart from the bar’s unique décor and charm, guests can enjoy different beverages that only Bar Ice offers.

The bar is small and creates an intimate and charming ambiance ideal for couples and small groups of friends, or even siblings. The bar is more of an attraction site than a bar. In this regard, it is frequented by both tourists and locals. Also, it is an excellent spot for persons who want to take unique photos.

The bar has friendly staff able to converse in different languages. In essence, the bar is run like a western or European bar. Bar Ice in Koh Samui is one of the most talked about bars in Thailand for its unique charm and cold environment.