Thailand’s southernmost province of Phuket is famed for its marinas. The island’s marinas attract thousands of sailors annually. The marinas derive their fame from their warm all year round temperatures and stunning tropical scenery. Additionally, Phuket boasts of secure anchorage points and moorings. Also, the island offers an excellent line luxury accommodations, from world-renowned hotel brands to luxury villas. Hence, the reason why a lot of yachting enthusiast love to be in Phuket and why the island is famous as a yachting destination. The island is home to four main marinas, the Royal Phuket Marina, the Ao Po Grand Marina, Phuket Boat Lagoon, and the Yacht Haven Phuket Marina.

The Royal Phuket Marina

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Situated on Phuket’s east coast, the Royal Phuket Marina is a premier marina that boasts of 100 wet berths and 50 dry berths. The marina is the holder of the 5 Gold Anchor Award from the British Yacht Harbour Association. Located in proximity to Asia’s best cruising waters, this marina is the perfect place for cruising and is the jump-off point of island hopping. The marina is near the white sandy beaches of Koh Phi Phi and limestone cliffs of Krabi. Thus, guests get to select between cruising, sunbathing or exploring the limestone cliffs of Krabi. For thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, the Similan islands are superb for diving and are located a few hours away from the marina. For fine dining, the marina has a wide selection of restaurants and bars. Under the brand name “on the boardwalk,” the fine dining options available at the Royal Phuket Marina are exquisite.

The Ao Po Grand Marina

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The Ao Po Grand Marina is located at the gateway of the Phang Nga Bay. This Marina features 24-hour access and no tide restrictions. With 300 berths and a 10 m wide walkway, the marina can accommodate yachts of up to 100 meters in length. With a minimum depth of 3 m inside the marina and 7 m on the seaward side of the outer dock, this marina is perfect for yacht shows and boats. Hence, The Ao Po Grand Marina hosts the annual Thailand Yacht show. The marina is also ideal for cruising and boasts of several world class eateries including the Port of Call Restaurant and the D’ Deck Bar.

The Phuket Boat Lagoon

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The Phuket Boat Lagoon is situated in the Koh Kaew on the Eastern outskirts of Phuket Town. Established in 1994, the marina was Phuket’s first marina complex surrounded by condominiums and serviced apartments. The marina has 180 berths and can accommodate up to 144 vessels. The marina also has a dry dock storage capable of providing 20 speedboat spaces. Thus, the marina is versatile and is ideal for yachts, and cruising. Also, available in the marina is a swimming pool, Wi-Fi, and a fitness center. The marina is exquisite for touring the different islands near Phuket and has a wide selection of dining options serving international and local cuisines, from Thai to French cuisines.

The Yacht Haven Phuket Marina

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The Yacht Haven Phuket Marina is located on the Northern tip of the island and is 15 minutes away from Phuket International Airport. This marina is perfect for sailors and travelers looking for a port of call. The marina faces the channel of water that separates the mainland from the island of Phuket. The marina boasts of world-class amenities that include a gym, massage parlor, and air-conditioned bathrooms. Since the marina is at the quite Northeastern tip of Phuket, it is an ideal port from where to explore other islands near Phuket. The marina has one of the most established restaurants in the island.