Bali is one of the world’s culinary capitals. The island has a wide array of dining options ranging from local food stores to international five-star hotels. In this regard, the island offers an excellent selection of international and domestic cuisines. Of the many restaurants that can be found in Bali, five stand out because of their romantic ambiance.

Alila Ubud

The Alila Ubud plantation restaurant boasts of a traditional Balinese architectural design and scenic views of Alila Ubud’s beautiful landscape. Designed to exude romance and drama, the restaurant features a central bar and coconut pillars. The hotel’s traditional Alang-Alang roof creates an exotic ambiance. The menu features both traditional Balinese foods as well as modern French cuisine. Guests also get to enjoy a great selection of wines, signature cocktails, and infused vodkas.

Cave Dining at the Samabe Bali Suites & Villas

The Samabe Bali Suites & Villa is located on a secluded beach in the southern peninsula, atop the Nusa Dua cliff, and overlooking the Indian Ocean. Below the cliff, the villa offers a truly magical dining experience in a cave, which is a perfect setting for a romantic dinner date or exchange of vows. Located on a private beach, cave dining at the Samabe Bali Suits guarantees privacy and intimacy. Also, couples get to enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean as well as a view of Bali’s stunning sunset.

Swept Away Restaurant

Situated inside the Samaya Ubud villa, the Swept Away Restaurant is set on an elevated deck overlooking Ubud’s picturesque landscape as well as the river nearby. The restaurant is perfect for a romantic dinner while its scenic location gives it its romantic ambiance; it’s its wide selection of food options that has made it famous. The restaurant serves a wide array of foods including local delicacies.

Kubu At Ritz Carlton Mandapa

The Ritz-Carlton Mandapa offers a unique dining experience set in the Ubud forest. Set atop a cliff overlooking the Ayung River, the lush rolling hills that surround the villa create a stunning backdrop for a romantic dinner. One of the restaurants in the villa is the romantic and intimate Kubu restaurant. The latter is a bamboo restaurant that offers an intimate space complete with nine private cocoons overlooking the river. Couples get to sample the restaurant’s Mediterranean cuisines while enjoying a cool breeze from the river.

Hidden Temple Hanging Gardens

The Hidden Temple getaway is truly a magical location. A candlelit pathway and a bridge over the Ayung River welcomes couples to the enchanting and secluded hidden temple. Guests also enjoy a traditional Balinese welcome from the Mangku. An appetizer or canapés will be served while the guests enjoy an enchanting reflexology foot massage. A masterfully prepared BBQ gourmet dinner will be served as the main. This unique dining option that overlooks Ubud’s hanging gardens serves both international and Balinese cuisines. The foods are served in a personalized and creative way, and the ingredients used in this restaurant are sourced locally and internationally.