Phuket is an all-rounded tourist destination offering stunning white sandy beaches, a rich and beautiful culture and for nature lovers, the island is home to scenic waterfalls. The island’s waterfalls are tucked away in the jungles. Thus, they are some of the rarely toured attractions on the island. Furthermore, the waterfalls are set in tranquil surroundings that are set apart from the noise and crowding of beaches. With hills rising to 1700 meters sea level, Phuket’s waterfalls are a spectacle to behold.

Below are four waterfalls with the unique charm that captures the heart of every tourist:

Kathu Waterfall

The Kathu Waterfall is not an ordinary waterfall. Unlike other waterfalls that feature water falling perpendicularly into a pool, this waterfall is comprised of a series of drop pools. These drop pools sometimes gush with rain water. Climbing the waterfall is no easy fete; however, there are shades along the way for resting, and also there are staircases that make the climb easier. At the bottom of the waterfall, there are several places for snacking and buying water. The waterfall is a short drive from the famous Patong beach in Kathu area. The best time to visit this waterfall is between the months of June and November.

Ao Yon Waterfall

The little known Ao Yon Waterfall is located some few meters from Cape Panwa just behind the Ao Yon Noi beach. Accessing this secluded waterfall is not easy, and tourists should expect a hard to navigate terrain characterized by sharp rocks. In this regard, it is recommended that visitors wear good walking shoes when exploring the waterfall. The fall features several drop pools, which are relatively small. Nevertheless, they are large enough to bathe in, and the fall is frequented by locals who enjoy bathing in the waters. This waterfall is hidden by the jungle thus it is a cool and romantic location to visit.

Ton Sai Waterfall

Located further inland than both the Kathu and Ao Yon waterfalls, the Ton Sai waterfall is found on the western side of the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park in the Northeastern part of Phuket. This waterfall is the second largest in the island. On the journey towards the waterfall, guests get to see rare tropical plants such as the White Backed Palms. The area surrounding the waterfall is ideal for bird watching and is home to several bird species including greater racket-tailed drongo, Siberian blue robin, red-backed sea eagle, forest wagtail, and red-billed malkoha. Although it’s charming, no one is allowed to swim at the fall. The best time to visit is between December and May.

Bang Pae Waterfall

A few kilometers from the Ton Sai waterfall is the Bang Pae waterfall. Bigger than the Ton Sai waterfall, this fall is the largest in Phuket. This ten-meter waterfall is set in a scenic location characterized by exotic surroundings and calm waters. The fall pours its waters into drop pools, and tourists and locals alike can take dips in one of these pools. To tour this fall, it is recommended to wear good hiking shoes as the area can be slippery. Similar to its sister waterfall, the best time to visit the fall is between the months of December and May.

Photo credit: AsiaWebDirect, Holiday’s Guide Phuket