The thrill of being in water is always fulfilling; it excites the body as you get to bring out the child in you. Whether you are frolicking in the water as you swim, or engaging in water sports, you will have that fulfillment. River rafting is one of those activities which set the body on a thrilling high. Just five kilometers from Ubud village is Ayung River Bali. It is a white water river with a beautiful course, 75 kilometers long. This is the longest river on the Island of Bali and is rampant with treasures like hidden waterfalls and marine life like Kingfishers. Here’s what you can look forward to in Ayung River rafting.

Water Rafting in Ayung River

Water rafting in Ayung River is a group activity that engages you in these rapid waters. It is a family activity that can be done by a group with diverse ages from as young as 5 to as old as 90. As you go through the river course, you are treated to rain forest scenery that is inspiring. You engage with your senses as you travel down the river and go across well-kept rice paddies.

As you pass through Ubud Village, which is Bali’s cultural center of art, you can stop by to see Balinese creativity or interact with Balinese artists. Ubud village is one of the most convenient entryways to Ayung River.

Class of Rapids

Ayung River is the longest river on the island of Bali. It has a lot going on in its course way. Despite its length, it is usually a tame river. This makes Ayung River rafting an activity that can be enjoyed by beginners. This is because the rapids are classified as being between class II and III rapids. In most cases, this allows for safe rafting for those who have never done this activity before.

Rafting is a year-round activity that can be enjoyed in any season. The rapids though have the potential to rise to class IV rapids during the rainy season. As long as you are in the company of a seasoned and trained instructor, you have nothing to worry about going on a rafting activity.

Length of Rafting Course Way

Ayung River is 75 kilometers in length starting from the Northern Mountain to Sanur Beach. This length is however not fully covered by the rafting activity. The actual length that you go is around 10 kilometers. You are taken through scenic sights like waterfalls and breathtaking gorges. The rafting activity that leaves you laughing and splashed takes about two hours from start to finish.

Rafting Tour Companies

Ayung River Rafting is an activity any tourist should not miss when visiting Bali. It is an outdoor activity that is a lot of fun and engages the body too. It is an affordable activity that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. It is also safe as the companies that run the activity make sure that a high standard of safety is met.

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