In the town of Phuket in Thailand is a restaurant that is built upon the rich history of Thai cuisine. It is part of a franchise known as the Blue Elephant that began in 1980. From the time it opened up its first branch in Brussels in 1984, the restaurant chain has grown to be in 12 countries so far. Blue Elephant Restaurant Phuket was opened up in 2010 and has made a local name for itself in serving Royal Thai cuisine to the Thai people and tourist looking for authentic Thai gastronomic treat. The restaurant’s name came after the old Thai flag which had a blue elephant. It is a symbol associated with ancient Thai traditions and relics.

Restaurant’s Architecture

The Blue Elephant in Phuket is located in a mansion that is over a hundred years old. The Phra Pitak Chinpracha Mansion is a grand building that exudes elegance from the first glance. It was built following the Sino-Portuguese design and using Feng Shui principles. It is spread out over lush greenery, giving a relaxed ambiance.

The mansion was renovated for two years to restore it to its former glory, and preserve as much of the original architecture as possible. It stands as a testament to the resilience of Thai tradition. The interior exudes class with dark wood paneling, high ceilings, open and glass covered terraces and an overall well-lit atmosphere. The décor is heavily embossed with Siamese art and relic pieces, giving you a culturally rich backdrop.

The Ambiance

The open courtyard that welcomes you to the Blue Elephant Restaurant Phuket is a testament that this is a governor’s home. The ambiance is laid back with an authentic elegance to it. The staff is well trained to present a pleasant and stylish service to complement the overall ambiance.

Must Haves at the Blue Elephant Phuket

The Blue Elephant Phuket prides itself in offering Royal Thai cuisine that stands out from the street food so commonly seen as the standard of Thai food. It has an entrée of excellent and rare dishes that bring together the past well kept secret recipes, the present culinary creations, and the future possibilities of Thai cuisine.

Spices are an essential to Thai meals, and this holds true from the starters to the desserts. Excellent starters that are top selling in the restaurant are steamed dumplings stuffed with exotic ingredients, crab meat done to the crisp and done in red curry paste and basil leaves, raw salmon done spicy and engaging with fresh Thai herbs and grilled marinated buffalo with accompanying peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

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The soups that blow you away are Tom Kha Kai Black Chicken which is free range chicken soup served with organic galangal in a young coconut and Tom Yam Koong Lai Doi Kha which is a spicy soup made from tiger prawns and mushrooms. The main course has Massaman lamb as the top pick. It is tender lamb chunks that are served in a dark, creamy curry that has cumin and cinnamon and topped with thick coconut cream and ginger. Sweet potatoes and roasted peanuts are served alongside this taste-bud rousing meal.

Accompaniments include the Phad Pak Miang which is a host of stir-fried vegetables spiced with garlic and chili as well as Brown Jasmine Rice. Dessert stands out as the Star of Andaman, which is a creation of the resident creative chef.

Reasons to Stop Over

The Blue Elephant Restaurant Phuket is an eatery that stands out for the flavors it offers. Royal tastes do not fall short of impressing. Dishes found here are unique to just the Blue Elephant and the tastes are bespoke. Dishes like the Khao Yam are only found here in the flavor they have. Seafood is a specialty made here in its different variations and with tantalizing tastes to have your taste buds begging for more.

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