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Love It Or Hate It — Choeng Mon, Koh Samui

Thailand is very famous for its several beautiful beaches, and one of the reasons for this is the Koh Samui’s beaches. Of the several beaches in Koh Samui, Choeng Mon is one of the best beach spots among tourists. And the reasons are quite obvious. From its seething nightlife, its powder-white sand, the palm trees, the restaurants and the accommodation, all these and more are what makes Choeng Mon one of Samui’s best beaches. Love it or hate it – Choeng Mon is the candy of beaches in Samui, and it’s every tourist’s delight.  

Choeng Mon Beach lies in a stunning bay and is an ideal tourist destination for couples or individuals seeking a private, quiet time for themselves and their families. It just offers you that “tucked away” feeling. While it may appear a bit isolated, it is very safe and comfortable. You have nothing to fear or worry about.

What To Expect

Beach sand is one of the characteristic features of any good beach, and Choeng Mon has got the best of beach sands. Its beautiful powder-white, soft sands are something you may not readily find elsewhere.

The ambiance is something to look forward to also. From the villas, its rows of restaurants, lovely spas where you could get some nice beach massage – all these contribute to give it that personal feel.

What Makes Choeng Mon Especially Appealing To Tourists?

Choeng Mon beach is just the perfect size – it is long enough to take casual strolls at sunset but small enough such that you can walk everywhere. And while most of the beaches in Samui may not offer you a beautiful sunset, Choeng Mon Beach gives you a priceless sunset view.

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Restaurants And Cafes

Choeng Mon attracts huge crowds of all ages- both families and couples. Planning to visit Samui with your kids? The sand in Choeng Mon makes the best sand castles. Its restaurants and cafes offer something for everyone regardless of the size of your pocket.

Here are a few places you may want to check out:

Krua Thai

They offer toned-down-for-tourists Thai dishes, Indian and Western dishes as well. They offer a bit of almost every dish from Thai foods to seafood and steaks.

Akbar Indian Restaurant

They claim to offer the best Indian foods in the entire Samui Island. They serve a set of dishes which are a lot better and more pocket-friendly rather than the individual meals.

Aroma Boutique Café

A blend of both a boutique and a café. It offers a broad range of meals from eggs Benedict for brunch to Thai staples like green curry and Pad Thia. They also serve well-brewed coffee and wine as well as salt-encrusted snapper. Prices too are fair and affordable.


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