Located on the south-western coast of Thailand, Villa Mhali provides holidaymakers with a modern-day luxurious tourist home. It boasts of well-decorated rooms that consist of 4 beds, including two en-suite bathrooms and one bathroom shared by two bedrooms. The Asian furnishings do not only provide warmth for the travelers but do give the guests a welcoming and all-embracing feeling that makes them feel like they have been and will be part of the villa for a lifetime.

Villa Architecture

The villa is designed with a unique modern-day setting that gives visitors much-desired comfort. It is designed to allow the visitor an uninterrupted view of the outside, providing a broader view of the ocean and the surrounding environment. The main bedroom is built on the other side of the Villa to allow privacy. The dining room faces the 14-meter swimming pool, taking the freshness of the water into the room.

Luxury Service

There is an in-house massage service to help the visitors relax, and your trips from and back to the airport is a value-added service. The villa also understands that people need to do business while on vacation, an office room with high-speed WiFi connection is available. Visiting with the family is most welcome with the availability of the in-home theatre and a private chef on offer.

Amenities and facilities

Villa Mhali has many useful facilities, put in place for the convenience of the guests. The amenities include sunken bathtubs outside, sauna room facility and a 14-meter swimming pool for visitors’ enjoyment. An outside Sala with a barbecue area gives guests another option to thoroughly enjoy their stay at the villa. An opportunity for in-house massage is also available with the best massage therapists in town. The Villa comes in 4-bed rentals, perfect for visiting families and groups. The bedrooms include two ensuite bathrooms and one shared bathroom. The dining rooms are located both on the inside and outside, giving the guests a choice to enjoy the food while having a more magnificent view of the surrounding areas.

Activities inside and outside of the villa

Inside the villa, visitors have the luxury to watch movies and listen to music as a group, making use of the theatre facilities out in place. Feel free to bring your iPod and favorite holiday music. Barbecue on vacation is not a problem as Villa Mhali will let you experience BBQ in its outdoor sala, something barbecue lovers will cherish as they return home. The 14-meter private outdoor swimming pool gives you total enjoyment without needing to go out and mingle with other tourists. The best way to cap off a fun-filled day is to lounge on the villa’s luxurious living room.


The villa is strategically located close to the beach and some beach party areas, including Patong. There are also surrounding restaurants in the area, giving visitors the opportunity to taste as much Thai food.
Your stay at Villa Mhali is indeed a value for money. It does not only allow holidaymakers to save on hotel expenses; it quintessentially gives holidaymakers an ultimate vacation where rest and recreation are enjoyed 100%.