Remember when a holiday away involved sitting down with a travel agent and pouring over glossy brochures offering the same package deals and cookie-cutter vacations? Today’s travel-savvy generations are a far more adventurous bunch, and the luxury set especially wants high-end getaways that fit precisely with what they wish to; extraordinary customized leisure experiences.

With some 1.1 billion international tourists being welcomed between January and October 2017 to UNWTO World Tourism Barometer Destinations, travel has become an integral part of modern-day lives. This figure accounts for a rise of more than 7% on the previous year, meaning more than 70 million more arrivals and with this higher demand for personalized pursuits.

Without a doubt, 2018 is the Year of Customized Luxury Leisure, which is excellent news for holidaymakers looking for a one-off, cherry-picked villa vacation retreats in Thailand and Indonesia or swanky chalet stays in Japan’s snow powder capital of the world, Niseko. It is also a positive trend for property owners with luxurious accommodations who want to succeed in the tourist rental market. So why is there a trend for more customized vacations? Read on.

Personalized Experiences

The cookie-cutter holiday has long been thrown out along with a big dough-ball of mediocre stays. Today, there is a real demand for high-quality service and facilities and for time away to feel more personal. This includes the place you stay in too, with luxury villas fitting this gorgeous holiday-home-away-from-home ideal. Not only that, but a private villa concierge adds that all-important extra-special personal touch. The Private World customizes stays too by finding the right villa for would-be guests with personalized service as well as travel experts who deal directly with villa owners. In 2018 one size does not fit all.

Luxury is Leisure & Millennial Mindsets

Luxury may still be about high-end brands, status, and possessions; but in 2018 luxury is also defined as being about rich cultural experiences, how you live your life, travel, adventure, enjoyment, and ultimately freedom. This is undoubtedly true of the affluent Millennials who see travel as an essential and leisure as a luxury travel opportunity. Not only do these under 35s have more disposable income than ever before, but they are also more likely to travel with friends and travel more often and consider exploring exotic destinations such as Phuket and Samui in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, and Niseko ski resort in Japan as part of an enriching, bucket-list-style must-do.

Mindful Travel

Part of this seize the moment, carpe diem, mindset inspires a greater focus on living in the moment and valuing the here and now. Old ideas of saving up for some nebulous golden age of retirement do not resonate as strongly in 2018 with the philosophy being to live the dream right here, right now. This mindful attitude to travel is also about appreciating how experiences that indulge the senses shape who you are and add to your personal growth. Customized travel that resonates with who you are is a form of self-development and is life-affirming. Nothing is as mindful as a dip in your gorgeous infinity pool looking out towards an endless sea at sunrise or sunset.

Holistic Holidays

Because vacation time is a luxury there is a sense for many travelers of making sure they get all that they want in one stay; of nourishing your whole self. A holiday can be a pleasant, holistic experience where you can relax, eat fabulous food, enjoy exciting excursions, and enjoy spa treats and chilling out with al fresco drinks or perhaps a movie night in their private cinema.

Purposeful Vacations

The more you travel, the more you feel inspired to have a reason in mind. You may want family time in the sun with lots of space and the right environment to create meaningful memories and magical moments. You may want to just relax into a villa retreat to recharge your batteries, de-stress or contemplate the next chapter of your life. You may desire a romantic getaway or make a splash in your infinity pool with friends. Finding the right place to stay is the first step and luxury villas in inspiring settings and beautiful locations frame and define the purpose of your vacation.

Embracing Individuality

Celebrating diversity and pursuing your own, individual path is part of the zeitgeist of 2018 and this applies to leisure time too with the vive la difference being the spirit of the times. Stays, such as a luxury villa holiday that fit with your tastes, lifestyle, and style are ‘in’ while fitting in with someone else’s vision of a holiday is absolutely ‘out.’ Luxury stays with unusual or different experiences are becoming more popular too with customized and specialized trips and excursions. Travelers are independent and independently minded in 2018 and know what they want.

The Quest for Privacy

The world is busy, and life is hectic. Leisure time has become much more about finding peace and quiet and creating your private sanctuary than ever before. A villa stay is an ultimate oasis, set in a spectacular destination with intimate dining and private chef, plus facilities that create a retreat vibe. Of course, a private A-list style villa that looks amazing is perfect for going public and posting stunning pictures on Facebook and Instagram of an envy-inducing tropical island paradise or snowy mountain scene.

Being Connected

Technology has revolutionized travel and tourism and made the world that much smaller. Consequently, owners of unique properties can connect more easily with would-be guests, far quicker. Likewise, travelers can unearth hidden villa gems. The Private World creates a go-between platform linking holidaymakers and owners with a customized approach that ensures every detail of your luxury dream vacation is fulfilled. This also means that you can fine-tune your time away and ensure that your stay has everything you want and need, whether that be floor-to-ceiling views looking out to Japan’s iconic Mount Yotei, a villa with its private nightclub In Thailand or a stunningly chic pad in Bali.