You’ve chosen a dream destination and your next question is, “should I book a villa or hotel?” Each accommodation offers different pros depending on what type of vacation you want, who you are traveling with, and what facilities and services you prefer, not to mention ambiance and plenty of other factors.

Book a Private Villa when…

  • On a family holiday: A family vacation is so much fun and memorable if you can all be together in one space with the freedom to enjoy a spacious villa and all its facilities in your own way.
  • Enjoying a break with friends: Turn up the sounds and do what you want, when you want; enjoying evenings together with loved ones indulging in private dining by the pool at your own fun-filled holiday home. The only guests are you and your group.
  • Need some private couple time: Whether an anniversary, proposal, honeymoon or simply a romantic getaway, nothing inspires feelings of amore more than being able to express yourself and your feelings in your own luxurious villa world without worrying about other guests.
  • Want peace and quiet to recharge your batteries: Have you ever been on holiday only to return more exhausted? Staying in a private villa in a secluded location will allow you to truly relax and reenergize and fully embrace the bliss of true tranquility.
  • Craving privacy and seclusion: Whilst for some the perfect holiday is a hedonistic tourist hotspot, you may prefer the luxury of getting away from it all in every sense of the word.
  • You want your own infinity pool all to yourself: There is something gloriously uplifting and wonderful about taking a dip in your very own swimming pool; gliding through the water and marveling at the spectacular view.
  • You value dedicated personal staff: Having your own personal butler, personal chef, and concierge service is nothing short of amazing and transforms your vacation into a super-lux vacation experience.
  • Expect highly personalized service: If the idea of your every need being tended too, sounds appealing with staff ensuring that you are happy throughout your stay then a villa vacation adds that extra-special personal touch that elevates service to a whole other level.
  • Want accommodation with luxury features just for you: Think white-sand beachfront locations and facilities that may include an in-villa cinema, games room, spa as well as your own gym, tennis courts, mini-golf green and perhaps even a nightclub and al fresco lounge for sundowners – all for yourself!

Book a Hotel when…

  • Traveling alone: Hotels are perfect for solo travelers looking for a room and communal facilities as a villa is likely to be too spacious.
  • Traveling as a couple but welcomes the idea of being around other guests: Creating unforgettable memories with a loved one may extend beyond romantic dinners for two and include fun times in a dynamic environment with other people around.
  • Want access to 24/7 services: If you like the idea of being able to reach ‘reception’ at any time of the day or night, and maybe room service at any hour, then a hotel stay is a charm.
  • Love a relaxing poolside ambiance with other guests: Being able to lounge by a hotel pool with a good book or listen to some tunes is fabulous. You can be alone yet still part of a community of holidaymakers all enjoying and creating a vacation atmosphere.
  • Happy to share communal hotel or resort areas: You may not hugely enjoy spending too much time alone and like to interact with other people or at least share your space. Other guests add to the atmosphere in dining rooms and Lobby bars, making them far more inviting.
  • Different staff helping you out each day is no problem: Hotels may have a roster of staff but that doesn’t mean that service cannot be friendly, personal, and high quality. Some hotels offer a personalized service where you are greeted by your name, whilst others adopt a less interactive approach which you may prefer.
  • You want an on-site eatery or choice of restaurants: You can eat out in a delicious restaurant, with a menu of appetizing dishes to choose from, without leaving the hotel grounds. Many luxury hotels offer a fabulous range of dining choices from sumptuous buffets to beachfront grills and seafood bistros, with local and international classics.
  • Your ideal vacation is enjoying a sundowner, music and meeting new people: After the sun goes down, a sundowner in a hotel bar with a view is the perfect end to an unforgettable day. Add in some live music, perhaps some performances and entertainment, as well as a chance to make new friends, get to know other guests who share your good vibes, and you have the makings of a great night.
  • Like taking part in hotel activities and excursions: One of the really fantastic features of a hotel stay has to be the number of activities on offer. Kids’ clubs keep little ones entertained, whilst water sports and a calendar of on-site pursuits from cooking classes to yoga can add extra layers of interest to a beach holiday beyond lounging by the shore. Some hotels have a tour desk or help arrange day trips so that you can venture out more easily and make the most of exploring a destination.