Once upon a time, business trips were all about functional, no-frills stays with a decidedly suited and booted ambiance. However, in 2018, more people are traveling for business and there is a rise in the business of incentive travel, as well as a greater mix of leisure and business features and facilities available in general too; creating ‘leisure’ experiences for the corporate classes. Next time, you head away for work to a wonderful tourist-friendly destination, make sure you add some quality leisure time into your work schedule too.

Create an Enjoyable Business Lifestyle

Take any business traveler outside of their everyday routine and it is easy for them to let go of positive lifestyle habits. Too many business lunches serving up rich, calorie-laden foods can soon become a chore rather than a pleasure, for example. It is all too tempting to over-focus on work rather than enjoyment too, but all work and no play make Jack or Jill a dull boy or girl. Leisure activities, including healthy dining, sports, and spa treats add balance and remind you not to view every work trip as business as usual.

Carpe Diem to Feel Motivated

Create mental clarity, energize, and feel focused and creative by rising to an early-morning workout followed by a hearty breakfast; the perfect start to a go-getting day. Wake to a fantastic stay in a beautiful setting, seize the day, and feel as if you can change the world, all before lunch! An evening swim, massage treatment or adrenaline-fueled activity is an ideal way to decompress and destress after a day of business meetings too. Leisure is not the antithesis of business but instead goes hand in hand.

Get Social & Connect

Whether traveling solo, with a colleague or in a group, chances are that you are the right setting to meet other like-minded individuals. You may have to keep overindulgences to a minimum, but actually getting out, joining in social activities, and meeting others can be a great way to connect with potential business contacts. You never know who you are going to meet during a business trip, particularly in dynamic hubs such as Thailand and Bali. Opportunities, possibilities, and new ways of thinking often come from the unlikeliest places, so broaden your horizons and strike up conversations.

Make the Most of What’s on Offer

Every business stay is different, and the key to quality ‘bleisure’ time is to fully immerse yourself in all that is available during your visit. It could be a special dining experience, beach relaxation, an excursion or a spa package, as well as a golf day or a chance to try something totally new. This open attitude boosts others’ interest in you, is a real confidence booster, and can make you feel more relaxed, happy, and approachable too. After all, leisure time is a vital element in business success too.

Explore & Discover

Getting out and about exploring a destination and enjoying what is no doubt some much-needed time off can be a business-savvy approach. Discovering the culture and mindset of different people along with understanding a country’s heritage and customs can help you interact with local business partners as well as country markets more easily. Fall in love with destinations such as Phuket, Koh Samui, and Bali and let that passion transfer to your business dealings too to give you a real spring in your step. Take time out for an excursion and see this as an integral part of your trip, approaching your corporate stay with the same sense of wonder and adventure that tourists feel when they turn up in a gorgeous place.

Luxury Villa Stays for Bleisure

One of the many advantages of booking a villa as accommodation during a trip, whether it’s for business or leisure, is that having your own dedicated office space for working and taking business calls without disruption. You can keep going with your business while your family or traveling group carry on with their day relaxing by the pool or have fun with other in-villa facilities such as the cinema room, games room, tennis court, and more. The best part is that you can join them anytime you’re ready without leaving the villa.