Thailand as a whole is a country rich on all facets of combat sports. Integral to the creation of the Muay Thai fighting style, the inhabitants of the country hold a significant place in the history of martial arts with the style being incorporated in the arsenals of many popular fighters.

Phuket is home to a number of amazing institutions that allow for both training and watching world-class martial arts talent. Whether you’re a budding fighter, or just someone looking to test yourself, these MMA institutions are a great way to learn self-defense and possibly even meet some of your favorite fighters!

Where to Train

Phuket is a highly popular destination for people interested in learning various types of martial arts. Below are two that provide excellent facilities and teaching staff to satisfy all your needs.

American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) Thailand

Originating in San Jose, California, AKA Thailand is a fantastic place that is home to hundreds of fighters training for upcoming fights, with many being big names in the UFC and other popular organizations. Despite the name, the gym offers various martial arts classes including Muay Thai, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, Strength and Conditioning classes, and more.

Aside from the fighting, AKA Thailand houses the fittingly named ‘contender café’, a restaurant and café that offers meal plans and nutritious food proven to improve performance in the gym.

Absolute MMA

Offering many similar classes as the aforementioned AKA Thailand, Absolute MMA is a gym that holds institutes in both China and Australia, training many outstanding boxing and MMA professionals. The institute promises to provide a safe environment for individuals of varying skill levels.

Furthermore, it somewhat doubles as a travel business, allowing members to go on trips to local landmarks and enjoy the scenery, a good way to relieve stress after a hard day of blood, sweat, and tears.

Where to watch

Phuket is a hub for combat sports, with Muay Thai fights happening many times during the week. The contests on show are a grueling display of grit and determination that is always a joy to watch, however, the faint of heart need not apply. There are a plethora of locations displaying bouts all around the island. The main ones are as listed below.

Patong Boxing Stadium

Located in Patong Beach, Patong Boxing Stadium is the largest of its kind on the island. Displaying fantastic bouts of fighting, the stadium houses around 350 people for viewing pleasure. Many special events take place in the stadium, such as the ‘Suk Singpatong Sitnumnoi’, a tournament of sorts occurring every Saturday exhibiting fighters from all over the world testing their skills in the Land of Smiles.

Bangla Boxing Stadium

Hosting fights 3 nights a week, Bangla Boxing Stadium is one of the premier organizations promoting fights on the island. Starting from 9 PM, the experience levels of the fighters slowly increase as the fights rage on, with the last few fighters capable of advanced techniques and intricate styles.

The stadium has recently moved its location to Sai Kor Road.

Republic Phuket Stadium

Relatively new to the scene, Republic Phuket Stadium opened in 2016, promising exciting fights with legends of the sport. While the venue is much smaller in scale than that of Patong Boxing Stadium, Republic Phuket looks to be for people who are interested in seeing more underground fights.

Republic Phuket Stadium is located on Chao Fah Tawan Tok Rd, residing in the southeast part of the island.

For any lovers of martial arts, Phuket is one the best destinations to reside in. Whether you want to view or participate, there are many options in which you can take.

Featured image by AKA Thailand