To some, the picture of a dream holiday in Phuket is to join in the lively parties of Patong or to chill out in the trendy beach clubs of Bang Tao and Kamala. But to those who know of the place, the perfect luxury getaway is the secluded Natai area.

If you haven’t heard of this beach in Phuket, that’s fine. The 10 kilometer-long Natai beach is not known to everyone. In fact, it is not even in Phuket at all. It is actually found in the neighboring Phang Nga province north of the island. Hidden by one of Thailand’s remaining untouched forests, it is home to only a few high-end establishments including, of course, some top-notch luxury villas.

How to reach Natai Beach

If you are driving from Phuket, take road No. 402 and drive over the Sarasin bridge to the Phang Nga province. After you reach the Khok Kloi village, drive along the road No. 3006 and you will reach the quiet shores of the Natai beach in less than ten minutes. Not only the beach but also the road that leads to it offers a scenic rendezvous with nature as you drive through beautiful lagoons, pineapple, and coconut groves.

What is it like in Natai Beach

When you arrive at this tropical beach, it will look like a painting of your imagination with no shady bars, buzzing jet skis or big hotels. All you can see is an unending stretch of pristine sand and azure water lapping up on the shores. This is where you would want to relax for hours, listen to the waves, feel the wind and sand under your feet.

Very few other places in Thailand will you find a beach as immaculate as Natai.

With the presence of the Khao Lampi-Hat Thai Mueang National Park, strict government laws keep mass tourism at bay, so you will not find a lot of tourists in Natai. The beachfront land is mostly dedicated as forest and conservation property. As a result, there are few hotels and most of them are luxurious, privately owned villas for travelers who enjoy living the high life.

Activities and attractions at Natai Beach

The sea is usually calm and clear from November to May, hence this vast stretch of beach lets you take a long walk along the shores. There are a few snorkeling sites where you can see good coral reefs, especially in the afternoon when the tide is low. A drive across Phang Nga province will also let you see the various land attractions such as national parks and Buddhist temples.

A group of newly-hatched sea turtles work their way to the sea.

Despite its seclusion, Natai beach hosts its own selection of exciting luxury beach clubs too. The Baba and Akyra beach clubs are relatively new in the area offering tons of beachside fun for travelers.

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Natai beach also gives a chance to discover some fascinating wildlife. Its sands are a nesting haven for sea turtles who come every year to its shores to lay their eggs. A local festival is even held every March to celebrate the hatching of the eggs and the return of the baby turtles to the sea.

Natai Beach facilities

As this is a secluded place, there are few facilities compared to other beach locations in Phuket. You will not find any massage cabanas, wandering peddlers, beach chairs or umbrellas. This is the specialty of Natai Beach, just sea, sun, and sand. Most of the villas are equipped with a plethora of contemporary facilities so you will not miss them anyway.

The pool and bar area at the Baba Beach Club on Natai beach.

While most villas or chef to do the cooking for you, there are also great places to dine out in the area. The Esenzi restaurant at the Iniala Beach House features culinary offerings crafted by 3-Michelin star chef Tim Butler. Their concept allows guests to experience “immersive dining” while the menu highlights fabulous seafood.

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Rabian Lay Thai seafood could also be a great option you wish to dine out. This cozy eatery is located right on the beach and guests can sit under the shade of verdant trees. It serves traditional Thai food, especially seafood freshly caught from the ocean. If you are feeling adventurous, visit the nearby Khok Kloi village where you can find local eateries and places to shop.

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Images courtesy of Baba Beach Club