Feeling great and being healthy is priceless, so any experience that boosts our wellbeing is extremely valuable and welcome. Although we can only wish that we could embark on a wellness escape during these trying times, it is certainly something we can look forward to when things are back to normal. When that time comes, a relaxing and reinvigorating villa retreat experience in the tropical islands of Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand or Bali in Indonesia is a healthy choice that can give your wellbeing a much-needed boost.

A Luxurious Lifestyle of Wellbeing

If you think that staying on top of your wellbeing has to be an arduous and neverending task, then think again. Today, the attitude of many people has shifted in a way that being healthy is an enjoyable lifestyle decision. In the past, the generally held view was that looking after yourself meant depriving yourself and forgoing the luxuries in life; following a strict exercise and diet regime that was anything but indulgent. 

A guest enjoying a healthy and refreshing drink by the villa poolside

However, this is somewhat old-fashioned, and the more modern approach is to grab life with both hands and enjoying incredible experiences that complement your health and happiness. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself in the best way possible and making the journey just as good as the end goal. If you’ve long since abandoned the healthy goals you set yourself at the start of 2020, then it’s time to kick-start a luxury approach to wellness. 

Why a Luxury Villa Stay Inspires Wellness

A private villa in a tropical destination is the perfect setting for a break that benefits the mind, body, and beyond. Wellbeing can be about healthy relationships, with yourself and other people, your work-life balance, and how you channel your creative energies and drive. It can also be about how you treat your body, your dreams and ambitions, and your zest for life. 

Spectacularly beautiful, in gorgeous locations with magnificent views the best villas available inspire wellbeing in all the right ways.


Full-wall glass windows of Villa Mayavee reveal the sea and sky.

Even the smallest luxury villas are wonderfully spacious and give you the room to breathe, move around freely, and feel your sense of self recalibrating and reenergizing. It’s not just on a physical level either, as a villa vacation gives you the mental space you need to feel in balance and at one with the world and your place in it.


The saying goes that time is a great healer and in the cut and thrust of busy lives there is often not enough value given to sitting back and actually being yourself. The whole essence of a luxury villa is that it creates its own world where you do what you want, when you want, adding a sense of timeless wonder into your holiday experience. 


The chessboard-inspired living area of Villa Paradiso.

Design, décor and stylish interiors, as well as your surroundings in general, aren’t simply style statements. Aside from being uplifting, they are a reflection of how you feel and can also enhance your mood and color your imagination, sparking ideas that could prove fruitful in your work or in the direction in which you want your life to go. Amazing vistas such as the sun setting over a deep-blue sea can remind you of the richness and wonder of the world. 


Being alone is important in bringing yourself back to who you really are, just as spending time with loved ones and being able to share special moments too. A great plus-point of staying in your own extraordinary villa is that you’re set apart from other tourists and the distractions of other people, except when you choose to interact and join in. 


Enjoying a morning dip or a sunset swim in your own infinity pool with a moment or two in your jacuzzi, before settling down on a lounger is the ultimate way to rest and relax. After all, a holiday is supposed to be about taking time off. With stress such a major blow to health, allowing yourself to unwind is vital and creates better clarity. Taking in the view from your terrace or perhaps scheduling a private yoga class or simply taking your foot off of the accelerator of life a little causes you to adopt a more mindful approach. This can be transformational in removing some of the blocks on the road to restful wellbeing.


Games rooms, in-villa sports facilities such as tennis and golf, and even watching a movie in your private cinema are all great pursuits that are entertaining as well. You can also stay in shape at the gym and with a few laps in the pool, all without leaving your villa grounds. Mixing up down-time at the villa with fun activities in and around your destination is perfect for piquing your interest in new things, challenging yourself, and enjoying life without overthinking it either. 


Villa Leelavadee chef presents her signature Thai dishes.

Healthy foods don’t have to be bland, in fact they can taste deliciously high-end and simply fabulously fresh. Sitting down to an al fresco dinner with your fellow travel compadres is a relaxing ritual where you can share dishes made by your own private chef. From romantic dining experiences to family brunches and barbeques, food is as much about nutrition as it is about love and enjoying life. 


Deciding to take a luxury lifestyle break is a sign that you’re embracing a certain lifestyle, one in which you value your experiences. Taking care to live your life so that your mental and physical status is in a good place, and seeing a villa holiday as setting out to achieve that, is a positive and proactive attitude. During your time away you can enjoy new adventures, break old, unhealthy habits, and change your ideas, perspective, and outlook on life and who you area; totally refreshing and wonderfully inspirational, leaving you with a spring in your step.

Luxury is, in actuality, about value and value is having the freedom to be who you want to be in the world and what experiences you want to have. Wellness is not just about health. It’s about holistic care that responds to you as a whole person, reaching those parts of you where you need it most. Basking in the sunshine in Bali or with a vacation on the Thai island beauties of Koh Samui or Phuket, with an exclusive villa stay, starts your wellness journey off in style.